Payment Options

There are three payment options that authors can choose from in order to pay for the publication of their manuscripts: PayPal, Bank-to-Bank Transfer, and Money Order. The exact amount of payment for each manuscript can be found in the journal's Publishing Fee page.


Please note that you should enter the publication fee amount in the field available in the left column once you are redirected to the PayPal website.

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Article ID
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Bank-to-Bank Transfer:

If you are using this method of payment, you should note that all charges for transferring the money must be paid by the author before the final publication.

*Please make sure that you are sending the payment to International ASET Inc. Any other name will result in the rejection of your payment. We will not be responsible for payments rejected because of this reason.

The banking information required for your money transfer is as followed:

Beneficiary Name: International ASET Inc.
Transit #: 32936
Account #: 0279 - 5224563
TD Canada Trust
Emerald Plaza
1547 Merivale Rd.
Nepean, Ontario, Canada
K2G 4V3
Tel.: +1-613-224-1188

Money Order:

In order to do so, please make a cheque on International Money Order to International ASET Inc. and mail it to the address below:

Avestia Publishing, International ASET Inc.
1376 Bank St., Unit # 417
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Postal Code: K1H 7Y3