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Recent Publications

Finite Element Analysis of Vane Geometry for Shear Thinning Materials

Behzad Nazari, Shahram Niazi, Mahmoud Zohrabi, Douglas W. Bousfield

Synthesis and Characterization of Polyaniline/Magnetite Nanocomposite

Rurik Farias-Mancilla, José T. Elizalde-Galindo, Enrique Vigueras-Santiago, Claudia A. Hernández-Escobar, Alejandro Vega-Rios, E. Armando Zaragoza-Contreras

Liberalization of Public Passenger Railway Transport in Slovak Republic

Jaroslav Masek, Martin Kendra, Juraj Camaj, Anna Dolinayova

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Ethics in Publishing

At Avestia, we take matters that relate to ethics in publishing very seriously. We believe that the peer-review publication process is a vital building block of academia, and its integrity must be maintained at all costs. To achieve this goal, we believe authors, reviewers, editors, and publishers alike must play their roles with high standard and care.

Author Guidelines

Manuscripts are submitted via our Submission System (AMSS). Papers must be original research articles not submitted elsewhere (or extended versions of previously published work) or review papers. Processing charges apply.