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- All of Avestia Publishing's websites will be undergoing construction to allow for a newer website to be implemented. We appreciate your patience in the matter.

- Manuscripts submitted until April 1st 2014 for certain journals will be published free of charge. For more details, please refer to the Article Processing Charges in each journal website.

- Avestia's Submission System has launched! Please visit AMSS for registration!

- Volume 1, Issue 2 of IJTAN, IJMEM and VWHCI have completed. Visit the respective websites for all articles.



Avestia is publishing several high-quality peer-reviewed journals in the fields of engineering and sciences.




Conference Proceedings

Avestia has published the proceedings of multiple conferences organized by the International Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology (International ASET). These proceedings can be purchased online.

If you would like Avestia to publish your conference's proceedings, please visit the Your Publishing Needs page.




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