Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference
on Energy Harvesting, Storage, and Transfer (EHST'18)

June 7 - 9, 2018 | Niagara Falls, Canada

The following papers were presented at the 2nd International Conference on Energy Harvesting, Storage, and Transfer (EHST'18)

Numerical Analysis of the Photo-thermal Effect on Carbon-Based Films for Solar-Driven Water Desalination
Authors: Shuzhe Wang, Paul G. O’Brien

Influence of Carbon on Electrochemical Behavior of Nano Molybdenum carbide (Mo2C)
Authors: Rameez Ahmad Mir, O. P. Pandey

Electrical Energy form Rising Air Bubbles
Authors: K. Rohana Wijewardhana, Amir Shahzad, E.N. Jayaweera, Jang-Kun Song

Triboelectric Properties of a Ferroelectric Materials and Its Application in Energy Harvesting
Authors: Amir Shahzad, K. Rohana Wijewardhana, E. N. Jayaweera, Jang-Kun Song

Energy Harvesting in Vehicle’s Drive
Authors: Alexander Bograd, George Nerubenko, Cyril Nerubenko

The Thermal Characteristics of a Wet Multi-Disc Clutch with Provision for Lubrication Flow
Authors: Biao Ma, Liang Yu, Heyan Li, Jikai Liu, Mingyang Li, Luqi Shi

Fabrication and Characterization of Hybrid Photovoltaic Devices Based On N-Type GaAs and Polymer Composites
Authors: Alireza Salehi, Paria Naderi, F. A. Boroumand, A. Dunbar

Optimization of Hydropower Plant Implementation with Hydrological Data for One Year: Movo Hydropower Plant Case
Authors: Hubert Kazadi Mabika, Anyume Kokole

Characteristics of Active Metal Brazed Joint of Al2O3/Cu Applicable to Electric Vehicle
Author: Jioh Shin, Dohyun Jung, Seho Kee, Junghyun Lee, Dae Keun Lee, Ki Wook Lim, Jae Pil Jung

Comparison of Three Solar Cells Based on DSSC, Perovskite and Polymer Structures
Author: Melika Dolatdoost, Farhad A. Boroumand

SiO2@ZnIn2S4 Core-shell Nanoparticles for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
Author: Yen-Chen Huang, T. Randall Lee, and Tai-Chou Lee