Proceedings of the 3rd World Congress
on Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer (MHMT'18)


The following papers were presented at the 3rd World Congress on Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer.

Thermal Measurements in Conductive Heat Transfer Tree- Like Structures Obtained by Topology Optimization
Authors: Vignaesh Subramaniam, Talib Dbouk, Jean-Luc Harion

Solution of the Navier-Stokes Equations for a Two Dimensional Flow Field with Blocked Regions and its Coupling with the Deposition Model “Michigan Wax Predictor”
Authors: Pedro Alejandro F. Becerra Sierra, Diego Fernando Bautista Parada, David Alfredo Fuentes Díaz, Arlex Chaves Guerrero

Optimal Stability Schemes in Transient Conjugate Heat Transfer Coupling
Authors: Lazareff Marc, Errera Marc-Paul

Optimized Numerical Interface Conditions for Conjugate Heat Transfer
Authors: Marc-Paul Errera, Rocco Moretti, Yohann Bachelier

Reduced Kinetic Scheme of Methane/Oxygen Combustion for Liquid Rocket Engine Applications
Authors: Guido Saccone, Pasquale Natale, Francesco Battista

Interfacial Instabilities of Shear-Thinning Fluids in Homogeneous Porous Media
Authors: Y-H Lee, J. Azaiez and I. D. Gates

Three-Dimensional Numerical Investigation of Constrained Melting of N-Octadecane in a Spherical Enclosure
Authors: Daniel Hummel, Stefan Beer, Andreas Hornung

Numerical Simulation of Frost Formation on a Plate-Fin Evaporator
Authors: Ehsan Afrasiabian, Oleg Iliev, Stefano Lazzari, Carlo Isetti

Analysis of Low Liquid Loading Two-Phase Flow Using CFD and Experimental Data
Authors: Miguel Ángel Ballesteros Martínez, Nicolás Ratkovich, Eduardo Pereyra

An Element-free Galerkin (EFG) Meshfree Method Model for Carbon Sequestration
Authors: P. Dinesh, P.G. Ranjith, M.R. Behera, and N. Muthu

CFD Simulations of Two-Phase Gas/non-Newtonian Fluid Flows in Pipes
Authors: Miguel A. Daza Gómez, Nicolás Ratkovich, Eduardo Pereyra, Pietro Poesio

Numerical Analysis of a Convective Drying Chamber from Drying Air Velocity and Temperature Perspective
Authors: Miguel Andrés Daza Gómez, Carlos Andrés Gómez Velasco, Nicolás Ratkovich, Juan Carlos Gómez Daza

Experimental and CFD Modelling of the Drift Flux in Two- Phase air-(non) Newtonian Slug-Flow Pattern Flow Along Horizontal and Inclined Pipelines
Authors: Paula D. Pico, Juan P. Valdés, Nicolás Ratkovich, Eduardo Pereyra

Multiphase Flow Analysis in an Oil-injected Twin Screw Compressor
Authors: Nausheen Basha, Sham Rane, Ahmed Kovacevic

Fractional-Order-Based System Identification for Heat Exchangers
Authors: Kin M. Li, Mihir Sen, Arturo Pacheco-Vega

Revisiting the Field Synergy Principle in Elliptic Laminar Flow
Authors: Rawad Himo, Charbel Habchi

Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Respiratory Cycle on Inhalable Particle Deposition in Alveolus
Authors: Jun Jin, Jianren Fan

The Effect of Heat Load on the Performance of a Solar Assisted Heat Pump with Hybrid Thermal Collectors
Authors: Kyu Hyung Do, Taehoon Kim, Byung-Il Choi, Yong-Shik Han

A Variational Approach to Design a Numerical Scheme for N-fluid Flow
Authors: Thibaud Vazquez-Gonzalez, Antoine Llor

Flow of Gas-Liquid Foam Through Constrictions
Authors: Mandar Badve, Mostafa Barigou

Thermal Diffusivity Measurement of Vapor Chamber
Authors: Wei-Keng Lin, Wen-Hua Zhang, Pei-Hsun Wu

Interpreting the stability and Longevity of Bulk Nanobubbles
Authors: Ananda Jadhav, Mostafa Barigou

Experimental Investigation of Air-Silicone Oil Slug Flow Development around a Horizontal 90 Degree Bend
Authors: Rajab Omar, Buddhika N. Hewakandamby

Enhanced Bubble Generation Byby Anan Air-Stimulated Co- Flow System
Authors: Javier Ruiz-Rus, Rocío Bolaños-Jiménez, Cándido Gutiérrez- Montes1, Alejandro Sevilla, Carlos Martínez-Bazán

Kinetic Analysis and Modelling of Mg Powder Slow Combustion
Authors: Guillaume Moser, Valérie Tschamber, Cornelius Schönnenbeck, Alain Brillard, Jean-François Brilhac

Heat Transfer Experiments of Granular Medium in a Rotating Drum with Various Wall Roughness
Authors: Li-Tsung Sheng, Shu-San Hsiau, Chia-Hsien Chang

Experimental Investigation of Water Hammer Phenomena in a Helical Coil Tube for Examination of Water Hammer Models
Authors: Taehoon Kim, Kyu Hyung Do, Byung-Il Choi, Yong-Shik Han

Experimental Study on Thermal Lord Characteristics of R245fa in Circular Plate
Authors: Kibong Kim, Ki-Chang Chang, Hosang Ra, Yongchan Kim

Numerical Analysis of Film Cooling Effectiveness under Variable Blowing Ratio and Injection Angles
Authors: Mohammed Al-Hemyari, Mohammad O. Hamdan, Mehmet F. Orhan

Flue Gas Waste Heat and Water Recovery Organic Rankine Cycle
Authors: Young Min Kim, Gyu Baek Cho, Sunyoup Lee, Dong Gil Shin

A Non-Adiabatic Flamelet Approach for Non-Premixed O2- CH4 Combustion
Authors: Paola Breda, Julian Zips, Michael Pfitzner

Numerical Simulations of Reactive Two-Phase Flows in Interior Ballistics
Authors: Roman Wölbing, Maxime Chiroli, Claude Steinbach, Robert Hruschka, Barbara Baschung

Dynamical Behaviour of Pressure Fluctuations During Degenerated Combustion Instability in a Gas-Turbine Model Combustor
Authors: Hiroaki Kobayashi, Hiroshi Gotoda, Shigeru Tachibana

Effects of Vortex Generators on the Thermal Flow Characteristics of Ferrofluids
Authors: Jae-Hee Kim, Youn-Jea Kim

Electrochromics for Thermal Control on Spacecraft
Authors: Oliver Kluge, Barbara Abendroth, Thomas Köhler, Martin Altenburg, Lars Borchardt, Elisabeth Abbe, Tilman Schüler, Alexander Zwiebler, Martin Tajmar, Tino Schmiel

Resonance Phenomena in a Nanofluid Filled Enclosure Heated Periodically from the Side
Authors: Mehmet Saglam, Bugra Sarper, Orhan Aydin

Effect of Synthetic Jet with Duty Cycle over Heat Transfer Enhancement
Authors: Mehmet Seyhan, Hürrem Akbıyı2, Mustafa Sarıoğlu, Ersoy Fatih Erdurcan,Yahya Erkan Akansu

A Thermodynamical Model of Liquid-Vapor Interaction
Authors: Hala Ghazi, François James, Hélène Mathis

Decaying Swirl Flow Impact on Developing Laminar Pipe Flow
Author: Mohammad O. Hamdan

Combustion of Cross Impinging Air-sheathed Spray Jets in Stagnation-Point Reverse Flow
Authors: Shingo Ito, Kouta Sakai, Yu Nakajima, Kiichi Yokoyama, Shigeru Hayashi

Electric Field Effect on Pollutant Production of a Turbulent Diffusion Flame and Industrial Application Prospects
Authors: Robert Geiger, Jackson Pleis, Donald Kendrick

Camera-based Online Flame-Stability-Monitor for Load-Flexible Biomass Co-Combustion
Authors: Jörg Matthes, Patrick Waibel, Markus Vogelbacher, Hans-Joachim Gehrmann, Hubert B. Keller

The Flue Gas Heat Recovery Potential of Buildings
Authors: Okan Kon, İsmail Caner

Combustion of Air-Sheathed Kerosene Spray Jets Stabilized in a Stagnation-Point Reverse Flow
Authors: Yukiya Arai, Takumi Saito, Takafumi Nakasu, Shigeru Hayashi

LES-DFSD Modelling of Turbulent Premixed Flames Past Repeated Obstacles
Authors: Ruipengyu Li, Weeratunge Malalasekera, Salah Ibrahim

Spatial Analysis and Perspective of Flaming Transition through Images
Authors: Sambit Supriya Dash, Rahul Ravichandran, Vikram Ramanan, Vinayak Malhotra

Combustion Optimization for the Prevention of Backfire in a 2-Liter Class Hydrogen Engine
Authors: Young Choi, Cheolwoong Park, Yongrae Kim, Uihyung Yi, Hyungjoon Jang, Byungjoon Lim

Correlation for Nucleate Boiling Heat Transfer on Microstructural Coatings
Author: Łukasz J. Orman

Vacuum Testbench for use of Heatpipes in Small Satellites
Authors: Alexander Zwiebler, Oliver Kluge, Martin Tajmar, Tino Schmiel