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A CFD Heterogeneous Parallel Solver Based On Collaborating CPU and GPU A Study on Computational Analysis of Smoke Movement in Indoor Complex Gymnasium Numerical Modelling of Slide-induced Bore-like Wave Propagation Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Polymer-Based Roll-to-Roll Microchannel Heat Exchanger Flow Generation by a Piezoelectric Fan Analysis of Flow Characteristics in SCR Mixing Chambers of Different Shapes System Efficiency of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell for Emergency Power Supply System Field Experiment of the Measures to Control the Stack Effect in Stairwell of Building Study on Numerical Analysis of Smoke Protection Characteristic using Air Curtain in 2nd Floor Building The Economic Feasibility Study on Development of Coal Mine Using Real Options Extraction of Zinc from Smithsonite by Ammonia Leaching Chemical Composition of Iron Sulphides Contained In Dust from the Pyrometallurgical Zn and Pb Production Microstructural Changes in PAN-based Carbon Fibers in Relation to Isothermal Oxidation Changes in Crystallinity of Gas-phase Oxidized PAN-based Carbon Fibers Comparative Analysis of Different Carboxylic Leaching Agents for Lead Battery Recycling Thermal Stress Analysis Considering Material Properties at Different Temperatures Assessment of an Underground Fire and the Emergency Plan Subsidence Analysis and Comparison between GPS Measurements and Interferometry Development of Waste Gas Recirculation System with Improvement of Sintering Productivity Studying on Non-Sampling Mixing Index DMTA Analysis of Glycerol Diglycidyl Ether Based Photocross-linked Polymers Graphene Reinforced Nanocomposites for 3D Printing Applications