Proceedings of the 4th World Congress
on Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer (MHMT'19)

APRIL 12 - 14, 2018 | ROME, ITALY

The following papers were presented at the 4th World Congress on Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer.

Numerical Modeling of Liquid-Liquid Slug Flow in a Cross-Shaped Square Microchannel
Author: Roman Filimonov, Zan Wu, Bengt Sundén

Numerical Study of Water Flooding Simulations Using ANSYS Fluent
Author: Mohammed Azhar, Jay Sanyal

Numerical Study of Nucleate Boiling Flows Using ANSYS Fluent
Author: Mohammed Azhar

Improving Separation Efficiency of Particle less than 10 Microns in Hydrocyclone
Author: Adebola Adewoye, Mamdud Hossain, Sheikh Zahidul Islam, Aditya Karnik

Gas Dispersion in Highly Viscous Fluids with a Coaxial Mixer through Tomography and CFD
Author: Farhad Ein-Mozaffari, Nasim Hashemi

Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Jet-Fan Operation Condition on Smoke Movement and Visibility in Tunnel Fire
Author: Ha Thien Khieu, Ji Tae Kim, Ki Bea Hong, and Hong Sun Ryou

Comparative Three Dimensional CFD Study for Inline Cross Flow Plate Finned Tube Heat Exchanger
Author: M. Shawky Ismail, M. Hassab, Wael M. El-Maghlany

Using CFD Simulation and Porous Medium Analogy to Assess Cerebral Aneurysm Hemodynamics after Endovascular Embolization
Author: Mohammad O. Hamdan, Hashem M. Alargha, Emad Elnajjar, Ali Hilal-Alnaqbi, Waseem H. Aziz

Thermal Comfort in Air-Conditioned Space by Desiccant Cooling
Author: Joon Ahn, Hoyup Choi

Enhancement of Cooling Effectiveness with Mist Assisted Film Cooling
Author: Pratibha Biswal, Udaydeep Jindal, Sathi Rajesh Reddy

Modeling of an Air-Assisted Spray Breakup of Urea-Water Solution for SCR Applications
Author: Amit Naik, Markus Höltermann, Eric Lauer, Stefan Blodig, Friedrich Dinkelacker

Ways to increase the evaporation surface area of liquid droplets: an experimental study
Author: Dmitrii V. Antonov, Genii V. Kuznetsov, Maxim V. Piskunov, Pavel A. Strizhak, Nikita E. Shlegel

A Boundary Layer Approach in the Modelling Flows in Microscale
Author: Alexander S. Liberson

A Two-Dimensional Central Non-Oscillatory Scheme for Inviscid Compressible Flows
Author: Gregorio Gerardo Spinelli, Bayram Celik

Numerical simulation of boiling on 3D unstructured grids
Author: Guillaume Sahut, Giovanni Ghigliotti, Patrick Bégou, Philippe Marty, Guillaume Balarac

Ransom Test Results from a Bi-Lagrange + Remap Explicit Approach
Author: Vazquez-Gonzalez Thibaud, Llor Antoine

CFD–DEM Modelling Approach of Particle–Liquid Food Flows in a Bent Pipe
Author: Mohd Tarmizan Ibrahim, Heiko Briesen, Petra Först, Jörg Zacharias

Thermal Performance of Heat Shield Under High-Temperature Jet
Author: Zheng Hu, Jiajia Sui, Chengbin Zhang

Numerical Simulations of the Pore-Scale Flow in Ceramic Open-Cell Foams
Author: Jesus Nain Camacho Hernandez, Markus Schubert, Uwe Hampel

Feasibility of Using CFD Analysis for Improving the Gas Hobs Performance In terms of Efficiency and Emissions
Author: Ehsan Amirabedin, Tuba Anık, Ali Karaduman

Numerical investigation of spray cooling in OpenFOAM
Author: Sarah Winstanley, Alexander Haban, Bernd Platzer, Martin Fehlbier, Daniel Zipplies

Effect of Heat Transfer on the Efficiency of Micro Size Turbine and Compressor Used in Turbocharger
Author: Omer Faruk Atac, Jeong-Eui Yun, Taehyun Noh

Production of gelatin microparticles in a flow focusing microfluidic device for biomedical applications
Author: A. I. Moreira, J. Carneiro, J. B. L. M. Campos, J. M. Miranda

Flow Boiling Results of HFE-7200 in a Multi-Microchannel Evaporator and Comparison with HFE-7100
Author: Vivian Y.S. Lee, Ali Al-Zaidi, Gary Henderson, Tassos G. Karayiannis

Trends in Complex Multiphase Flow Modeling for Effective Fuel Energy Acquisition
Author: Muhammad Talha Tahir, Dengwei Jing, Muhammad Hatami, Hassan Elahi

Study of Bubble Growth in a Multicomponent Mixture at High Pressure
Author: Aitor Amatriain, Ignacio Parra, Gonzalo Rubio

Initial Results from the Experimental and Computational Study of Microbubble Generation
Author: Alessio Basso, F. A. Hamad, Poobalan Ganesan

Effects of Nanoparticles on Pin-Based Microchannel Heat Sinks
Author: Mohammad Zargartalebi, Jalel Azaiez

Heat Transfer Enhancement in Wavy Micro-Channels: Effect of Block Material
Author: Justin Moon, J. Rafael Pacheco, Arturo Pacheco-Vega

Leidenfrost Rotor Dynamics: Design of Turbine-inspired Substrates
Author: Prashant Agrawal, Gary G. Wells, Rodrigo Ledesma-Aguilar, Glen McHale, Anthony Buchoux, Adam Stokes, Anthony Walton, Jonathan Terry, Khellil Sefiane

Nano-Coated Heat Pipe Plate for Miniaturized Electronics Cooling
Author: Yanping Du, Yonggang Zhu

Pollutant gas emissions during the co-combustion of Oil Shales from Uruguay with biomass wastes
Author: Martín Torres, Patrice Portugau, Andrés Cuña, Jorge Castiglioni, Luis Yermán

Regularities and Characteristics of Gel Fuel Ignition
Author: Dmitrii Glushkov, Pavel Strizhak

Utilization of Oil and Coal Industrial Waste by Combustion in the Form of Slurry and Granulate
Author: Pavel Strizhak, Ksenia Vershinina, Daniil Romanov1, Vadim Dorokhov

Diesel Microemulsion Fuel Resistant to Low-temperature Conditions: Study of Thermal Stability and Breakup
Author: Alexander Ashihmin, Maxim Piskunov, Vyacheslav Yanovsky

Localization conditions for model ground and steppe fires with the use of barrier lines
Author: Zhdanova Alena, Strizhak Pavel, Kuznetsov Genii, Hasanov Irek, Kopylov Nikolay

Methane/Oxygen Combustion Kinetic Scheme Optimization for Liquid Rocket Engine CFD Applications
Author: Guido Saccone, Pasquale Natale, Francesco Battista, Paola Breda, Michael Pfitzner

Effects of Combustion Regimes on Localized Forced Ignition of Turbulent Stratified Mixture
Author: Kathan Modi, Hitha Uchil, Dipal Patel

Effect of Low-Pressure on Diesel Engine Emission Characteristics
Author: Xianyi Jiang, Yang Zhao, Chengbin Zhang