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Structure and Properties of Monolithic and Multilayer M-AlSiN Superhard Films Adding Calcite and Nanocalcite to Improving the Plastic Properties of the Lean Clay The Effect of Nanokaolinite on the Compressibility and Atterberg Limit of the Silty Loess Soil in Golestan Province Collagen/Hydroxyapatite Composite Supports for Bone Tissue Engineering Comparison of Micellar and Vesicle-Based Drug Delivery Systems Effect of Fe Nanoparticles of Seeds with Commercial Importance in Guanajuato, Mexico Studies on Novel Zerovalent Iron Decorated Cellulose Nanofibers for Defluoridation Effect of Historical Zinc Processing on Soil: A Case Study in Southern Poland Biodegradation of Polylactide Modified with Starch by Selected Species of Molds Solubility and Lability of Copper in a Copper-Mine Tailings Treated with Two Organic Amendments Evaluation on The Drinking Water Quality Concerning Bacteria and Inorganic Nitrogen Using Ten Spring Water Samples Phytoremediation of a Lead Contaminated Soil: Assisted Approach by EDTA and Native Bacteria Effect of Nanoparticles on Cadmium Accumulation in Sedge (Carex Vulpina L.) Phytotoxicity and Biotransformation of Fenbendazole in Ribwort Effect of Anthelmintics on Antioxidant Enzymes in Arabidopsis Thaliana Biotransformation of Monepantel in Two Species Meadow Plants (Plantago Lanceolata and Campanula Rotundifolia) Evaluation for Pollution Characteristics of Sincheon River and its Tributaries South Korea A Comparative Analysis of Commercial Household Composters Ozone Injection in Soil Contaminated with Organic Compounds and Ions of Interest Evaluation Characterization of the Plastid RNA Polymerase Complex Constitutive Expression of Truncated MYC2 Affects Expression of JasmonateResponsive Genes Functional characterization of RNA-binding protein isolated from Hot Pepper Collagen Based Hydrogels with Antimicrobial Activity