Proceedings of the 5th World Congress
on Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer (MHMT'20)

October 14 - 16, 2020 | Lisbon, Portugal
Virtual Conference

The following papers were presented at the 5th World Congress on Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer.

Modelling of shear-induced lift for non-spherical point particles in arbitrary flows
Author: Jure Ravnik, Yan Cui, Matjaz Hribersek, Paul Steinmann

Influence of Capillary Number on Pressure Profile Evolution in Microfluidic T-Junction
Author: Piyush Kumar, Manabendra Pathak

Numerical Study of Single Iron(III) Nitrate Nonahydrate/Ethanol Droplet Evaporation in Humid Air
Author: Praveen Narasu, Alexander Keller, Maximilian Kohns, Hans Hasse, Eva Guthei

A BEM model for heat flux exchange between particles and fluid
Author: Ožbej Verhnjak, Matjaž Hriberšek, Jure Ravnik

Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Free Surface Liquid Jet Impingement on a Convex Cylindrical Surface
Author: Kuldeep Baghel, Arunkumar Sridharan, Janani Srree Muralidharan

Detailed CFD Modelling and Simulation for Optimising Gas Flows in a Complex Duct Arrangement
Author: Anupam, V Ramachandrarao Maddali, Prateek Sharma, Anil K popuri, Ashutosh Saxena, B.N.Mohapatra

CFD-based Characterization of the Single-use Bioreactor XcellerexTM XDR-10 for Cell Culture Process Optimization
Author: Diana Kreitmayer, Srikanth Gopireddy, Tomomi Matsuura, Shizuka Kondo, Hirofumi Kakihara, Koichi Nonaka, Nora Urbanetz, Eva Gutheil

Steady State Modeling of Highly Rotating and Viscous Flow using VOF Method for Rotary Glass Fiberization Process

Numerical Study on the Interface Evolution of the Unsteady Supercavity Flows with a Strong Gas Jet
Author: Min Xiang, Xiaoyu Zhao, Zeyang Xie

Investigation of Sequential and Simultaneous Crossflow Heat Exchangers for Automotive Application
Author: Mohammed Ismail, Mesbah G. Khan, Amir Fartaj

Experimental Investigation of the Influences of Fluid Properties on Heat Transfer for Spray Cooling
Author: Jessica Kansy, Thomas Kalmbach, André Loges, Thomas Wetzel, Achim Wiebelt

An Experimental Study with Condenser Embedded Adsorber
Author: Gamze Gediz Ilis, Hasan Demir

Investigating the influence of macroscopic surface structures on the thermal contact conductance using infrared thermography
Author: Thorsten Helmig, Michael Burghold, Faruk Al-Sibai, Reinhold Kneer

A novel wavy channel heat exchanger: the sine-helical mixer
Author: Abbas Aldor, Yann Moguen, Kamal El Omari, Charbel Habchi, Pierre-Henri Cocquet, Yves Le Guer

Experimental Study of Solid/Liquid Thermal Shock in Carbon Dioxide
Author: Jean Muller, Romuald Rullière, Pierre Ruyer, Marc Clausse

Enhancement of Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Performance by an EcoFriendly Surfactant
Author: Rinku Kumar Gouda, Manabendra Pathak, Mohd. Kaleem Khan

Effect of Outlet Plenum Volume During Flow Boiling Inside Plain Parallel Microchannel
Author: Gaurav Hedau, Rishi Raj, Sandip K. Saha

Saturated Nucleate Boiling with HFE-7100 on a Plain Smooth Copper Surface
Author: Xiaoguang Fan, Mohamed M. Mahmoud, Atanas Ivanov, Tassos G. Karayiannis

Flow Boiling Heat Transfer in Coated and Uncoated Plate Heat Exchangers
Author: Angela Mutumba, Tassos Karayiannis, Francesco Coletti, Alex Reip

Experimental and Computational Modelling of Flow Distribution
Author: Dominika Babička Fialová, Zdeněk Jegla

Generation of Green Energy Using Wastewater
Author: Ghaleb Ibrahim, Salem Haggag, Abdalrahman Abd El Wahab, Mahmoud El-Sharkay, Marwan Ghafouri, Youssef El-Kamash

Laminar and Turbulent Boundary Layers on a Shark Fin
Author: Husein Noble, Shrey Kulkarni, Kartik Sunil, Prasad Pokkunuri

Numerical Solution of Laminar Flow over Symmetric NACA Airfoils
Author: Prasanna M.S.S, Shashank Sadineni, Rahul Kotikalapudi, Dr. Prasad Pokkunuri

Numerical Study on the Effects of the Wick Structure of an Annular Heat Pipe on the Isothermal Performance
Author: Hongzhe Zhang, Fang Ye, Hang Guo, Xiaoke Yan, Chongfang Ma

Numerical Study of the Effect Surface Properties in Boiling
Author: E. Freitas, D. Bento, R. Lima, J. M. Miranda, A.S. Moita, A.L.N. Moreira

Experimental investigation of subcooled flow boiling of R245fa in a narrow horizontal annular duct
Author: B. Zajec, B. Končar, M. Matkovič, L. Cizelj

Flow Boiling of HFE-7100 in Multi-Microchannels: Effect of Surface Material
Author: Ali H. Al-Zaidi, Mohamed M. Mahmoud, Tassos G. Karayiannis

Numerical Simulation Of Steam Bubble Condensation Using Thermal Phase Change Model

Flow Boiling of Water in Square Cross Section Microchannel at Different Inlet Subcooling Conditions
Author: S. Korniliou, T. G. Karayiannis

Wettability effect on flow boiling characteristics within micro-passages
Author: Konstantinos Vontas, Manolia Andredaki, Anastasios Georgoulas, Nico Miché1 and Marco Marengo

Effect of Channel Aspect Ratio on Flow Boiling Characteristics within Rectangular Micro-passages
Author: Manolia Andredaki, Konstantinos Vontas, Anastasios Georgoulas, Nico Miché, Marco Marengo

Nitrogen-Galinstan Two Phase Pumping for MHD Power Generation Systems
Author: Josh Rosettani, Philip Geddis, Lijun Wu, Bruce Clements, Wael Ahmed

Numerical Study of a Novel Variable Diameter Cavitator Structure
Author: Zeyang Xie, Min Xiang, Bo Liu, Weihua Zhang

Numerical Simulation of A Radial Free Surface Liquid Jet Impinging on A Heated Surface

Numerical Simulation of Taylor Flow in the Entrance Region of Microchannels
Author: Amin Etminan, Yuri S. Muzychka, Kevin Pope

CFD study of an Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) handling TwoPhase Liquid-Liquid flow
Author: Deisy Becerra, Miguel Asuaje, Nicolás Ratkovich

Effect of Angular Velocity on Mass Fraction Distribution for Jets Impinging on Airfoil Leading-Edge Cavity
Author: Amin Safi, Mohammad O. Hamdan, Emad Elnajjar

Heat Transfer in a Torus Electromagnetic Coupler Subjected to Cooling
Author: F.Z. Boudara, H. Bouzekri, Y. Benhammadi, P.-H. Cocquet, M. Rivaletto, L. Pécastaing, A. Silvestre de Ferron, S. Paquet, J-P. Brasile, Y. Le Guer

Theoretical Analysis of the Effect of Properties on the Solar Still Performance
Author: Ghaleb Ibrahim, Husham M. Ahmed