Proceedings of the 7th World Congress
on Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems and Science (EECSS'21)

July 29 - 31, 2021 | Prague, Czech Republic
Virtual Conference

The following papers were presented at the 7th World Congress on Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems and Science (EECSS'21).

Simple Pin-Plate Electrode Configuration for Targeted Electroporation
Authors: Ayoola Brimmo, Mohammad Qasaimeh, Anoop Menachery

Naturally Occurring Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)- Based Scaffolds Used For In Vitro Tissue Engineering Applications
Authors: Eleni Chatzilakou, Olga Tsave, Christos Chatzidoukas

Rapid Detection of Wound Pathogen Proteus mirabilis Using Disposable Electrochemical Sensors
Authors: Aiden J Hannah, Andrew C Ward, Patricia Connolly

Model of Magnetic Spherical Micro-Robot Motion in Soft Media
Authors: Yulia Malkova, Sijie, Ran, Gary Friedman

Using Deep Learning for Efficient Diagnoses of COVID-19, Viral Illnesses (Other than COVID-19), and Bacterial Illnesses
Authors: Vibha Addala

Investigation of Two Double Throws and Three Single Throws Square Surgical Knots – A Preliminary Experimental & Computational Study on Knot Integrity
Authors: Amery Chow, Kyrin Liong, Shujin Lee

Sensitivity Analysis of Heart Rate Variability Analysis Algorithms
Authors: Amanda Pérez-Porro, María Palacios, Constantino Antonio García, Gabriel Caffarena, Abraham Otero

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Signal Analysis Based on Fingerprinting Dictionary Approaches
Authors: Iurii Venglovskyi

Electrophoretic Deposition of Chitosan/Eudragit E 100/Agnps Coatings for Controlled Release of Antibacterial Substance
Authors: Łukasz Pawłowski, Andrzej Zieliński

Investigation on Hemodialysis Membranes Morphology and Human Serum Proteins Depositions Using Synchrotron-based Imaging
Authors: Amira Abdelrasoul

Detection of Adversarial DDoS Attacks Using Generative Adversarial Networks with Dual Discriminators
Authors: Chin-Shiuh Shieh, Wan-Wei Lin, Thanh-Tuan Nguyen, Yong-Lin Huang, Mong-Fong Horng, Chun-Chih Lo, and Kun-Mu Tu

Processing Natural Language Queries in Semantic Web Applications
Authors: Neli Zlatareva, Devansh Amin

Short-Term Traffic Forecasting Using Deep Learning
Authors: Iren Valova, Natacha Gueorguieva, Sandeep Smudidonga

Analysing the Sentiments in a Hybrid FLOSS Community based on Commits
Authors: Luigi Benedicenti, Tommi Mikkonen, Jurka Rahikkala

Detecting Emotional Contagion in OSS Projects
Authors: Rashmi Dhakad, Luigi Benedicenti

Modified Parareal Algorithm for Solving Time-Dependent Differential Equations
Authors: Sumathi Lakshmiranganatha, Suresh S. Muknahallipatna

Integration of Renewable Energy Systems to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission
Authors: Asim Chaulagain, Muhammad Ahsan Khalil, Raynier Leyeza, Ramakrishna Gokaraju, Nurul Chowdhury, Chris James

Effects of Charging Lithium-Ion Cells with Zero Termination Current on the State of Health (SoH) for Energy Storage Systems
Authors: Ali Eren KOK , Ibrahim DEVELI

Design of low impedance standard defined in a four-terminal-pair configuration
Authors: Mohamed OUAMEUR, François ZIADÉ

Reinforcement Learning for Production Planning with Demand Sensitive to Delivery Lead Time
Authors: Chi-Yang Tsai, Erickson Liang

New Object Tracker Based On Adaptive Intensity Models of Object and Its Surroundings
Authors: Dorothy Gors, Robbert Hofman, Merwan Birem, Steven Kauffmann

Aerial Display Using Lenticular Lenses
Authors: Kazuhisa Yanaka, Kouki Shibata, Toshiaki Yamanouchi

Cloud Computing based Real Time Monitored Supply Chain System
Authors: Usama Zafar Ansari, Zheng Liu

Deep Learning-based Electric Appliances Identification from their Switching-On Current Waveforms
Yassine Chemingui, Adel Gastli, Mahdi Houchati