Proceedings of the 8th World Congress
on Mechanical, Chemical, and Material Engineering (MCM'22)

July 31 - August 02, 2022 | Prague, Czech Republic

The following papers were presented at the 8th World Congress on Mechanical, Chemical, and Material Engineering (MCM'22).

Underground Car Park Smoke Management System Design Validation Using CFD Simulation: Car Fire Products Yields Rates system
Authors: Muhanad Hajjawi

Numerical and Experimental Evaluation of High-Efficiency Savonius Type Wind Turbine at Low Reynolds Number
Authors: Ivo Marinić-Kragić, Damir Vučina, Igor Pehnec, Petar Latinac

CFD Study Of Flow And Heat Transfer During Compression Process In A Liquid Piston For Isothermal Compressed Air Energy Storage
Authors: GOUDA El Mehdi, BENAOUICHA Mustapha, NEU Thibault, FAN Yilin, LUO Linga

Simultaneous Heat and Moisture Transport in 3D Printed Walls
Authors: Andrea Fragnito, Marcello Iasiello, Gerardo Maria Mauro, Costantino Menna

Comparison of Air-Cooling on Metal Heat Sinks Using Numerical Modelling
Authors: : Wannarat Rakpakdee, Teerapat Thungthong, Weerachai Chaiworapuek, Kanet Katchasuwanmanee, Sangkla Kreuawan, Vu Tran Tuan

Pseudospectral Modelling For Flow past a Long Flexible Cylinder
Authors: Ming-Jyh Chern, Jhe-Ming Lin

Development of a Thermal Mass Airflow Sensor for Low Velocity Ducted Flow Applications
Authors: Eoin Guinan, Conor Macken, Vanessa Egan

Modeling a Large Thermal Energy Storage System Using RANS Turbulence Models and High-Resolution Measurement Data
Authors: Benno Krüger, Frank Dammel, Peter Stephan

Ansys Mechanical Automation using Python for the Steady State Thermal Analysis of Fins
Authors: Mohamed Shaimi, Rabha Khatyr, Jaafar Khalid Naciri

Experimental investigation and Numerical Analysis of Horizontally Placed Flat Pulsating Heat Pipe for Electronic Cooling
Authors: Roshan Devidas Bhagat, Samir Deshmukh

Temperature Gradient Impact on Heat Exchanger Leaks Using CFD Analysis
Authors: Carlos Lopez, Stress Engineering Services , USA Authors: Abdulrahman A. Khateeb, Abdullah M. Alqahtani, Papa Cisse, Mohammed Alhajri, Dilip Maniar, Carlos Lopez, Vishal Nayyar

Modelling Droplet Evaporation with an Improved Coupled Level Set and Volume of Fluid (I-Clsvof) Framework
Authors: Huihuang Xia, Marc Kamlah

Experimental Investigation of the Shear Effect on Oil-Water Emulsion Flow in a Pipeline
Authors : Natan Augusto Vieira Bulgarelli, Jorge Luiz Biazussi, William Monte Verde, Antonio Carlos Bannwart, Marcelo Souza de Castro

Heat Transfer Study for Oil-in-Water Emulsion Jets Impinging onto hot Metal Surface
Authors : K. Nabbout, L. Pasternak, M. Sommerfeld, B. Bock-Marbach, J. Kuhnert, E. Barth and E. Uhlmann

Mechanical Helminth Eggs Separation for Wastewater Purification: Analysis of the Fluid Dynamics
Authors : M. Diederich, F. Gül, C. Özman, A. C. Benim, L. Ihringer, D. Möller

Analytical Modelling on Simultaneous Phase Transitions in Low Temperature Evaporator for Organic Rankine Cycle Applications
Authors : Sandeep Aryal, Mohammad Abutayehb, Young Min Kim, Kwangkook Jeong

Numerical Study of Cavitation Bubble Collapse under Various Conditions
Authors : Van-Tu Nguyen, Thanh-Hoang Phan, Dong-Hyun Kim, and Warn-Gyu Park

Numerical Simulation through Fluent Of a Cold, Swirling Particle Flow in a Combustion Chamber
Authors : Wronski Tomek, Zouaoui-Mahzoul Nabila, Schönnenbeck Cornelius, Brillard Alain

Heat Transfer Coefficients of Layers of Greenhouse Thermal Screens
Authors : Vitaly Haslavsky, Helena Vitoshkin, Mordehai Barak, Avraham Arbel

Experimental Investigation of Thermal Discharge Performance of a Metallic Latent Thermal Energy Storage System
Authors : Frank Nees, Anastasios Katourtzidis, Werner Kraft, Veronika Stahl, Peter Vetter

ORR Enhancement Using Core-Shell Copt Magnetic Nanoparticles In Cathode Electrode Of Pemfcs
Authors : Jihyun Kim, Wonseok Yang, Yongchan Kim

The Influence of Sensor Position on the Measurement of Recovery Temperature in Compressible Flow
Authors :Anthony G. Straatman, Mark J. Parker, Benjamin T. Jentz

Influence of Contact Angle on the Internal Flow in a Freezing Water Droplet
Authors : Erik Fagerström, Anna-Lena Ljung

A Coupled PIV/PTV Technique for the Dispersed Oil-Water Two-Phase Flows Within a Centrifugal Pump Impeller
Authors : R. F. L. Cerqueira, R. M. Perissinotto, W. D. P. Fonseca, W. M. Verde, Biazussi J. L., Franklin E. M., M.S. de Castro, A.C. Bannwart

Eulerian Approach to CFD Analysis of a Bubble Column Reactor – A Review
Authors : Mohammed W. Abdulrahman, Nibras Nassar

Natural Circulation in a PWR for a Sinusoidal Heat Input: Analytical Model
Authors : Mohammed Abdulrahman

Flow Visualization in the Impeller and Diffuser of a Centrifugal Pump using Time-Resolved Particle Image Velocimetry
Authors : Rodolfo M. Perissinotto, William D.P. Fonseca, Rafael F.L. Cerqueira, William Monte Verde, Jorge L. Biazussi, Erick M. Franklin, Antonio C. Bannwart, Marcelo S. Castrot

Analysis of Carbopol And Triethanolamine Concentration in The Viscoplastic Properties of Aqueous Solution
Authors : Daiane Mieko Iceri, Jorge Luiz Biazussi, Charlie van der Geest, Roney Leon Thompson, Marcelo Souza de Castro

Experimental Investigation On Heat Transfer Enhancement And New Correlation Of Supercritical R1234ze(E) In Horizontal Helically Coiled Tube
Authors : Yi-Ran Jiang, Peng Hu, Qi Chen, Cheng-Qi Jia, Pan-Pan Zhao, Lei Jia

Heat Flux Prediction Accuracy Assessment of Separated Mode and Doenecke Equations for MLI Blankets
Authors : Toygan Er, Özgür Ekici

Additive Manufacturing of Capillary-Driven Two-Phase Cold Plates
Authors : Jana Catuche, Mohammad Reza Shaeri, Michael C. Ellis

Acquisition and Physico-Chemical Data Analysis of Oxygenated Compounds From Biomass Using Microfluidics
Authors : Rosa Moreno Jimenez, Claire Marliere, Benoit Creton, Olivier Nguyen, Lionel Teule-Gay, Samuel Marre

Correlation Between Wall Heat Transfer And Characteristics Of Pulsating Flow In A Rectangular Tube Toward An Automobile Exhaust System
Authors : Yuki Kato, Guanming Guo, Masaya Kamigaki, Kenmei Fujimoto, Mikimasa Kawaguchi, Keiya Nishida, Hitoshi Hongou, Masanobu Koutoku, Hideaki Yokohata, Shinji Sumi, Ryo Yamamoto, Yoichi Ogata

High Frequency Flow Measurement Technique for Slug Flow Regimes
Authors : Seyyed Saeed Shojaee Zadeh, Vanessa Egan, Pat Walsh

Experimental Investigation on Pressure Drop In LiquidLiquid Taylor Flow Regimes
Authors : Seyyed Saeed Shojaee Zadeh, Vanessa Egan, Pat Walsh

Imaging of Three-dimensional Orientation of Molecules in Polymers Using FT-IR, Raman, and O-PTIR Microspectroscopies
Authors: Karolina Kosowska, Paulina Koziol, Danuta Liberda, Tomasz P. Wrobel

Identification of a New Experimental Method to Measure the Induction Time for Gas Hydrates
Authors: Alberto Maria Gambelli, Federico Rossi

Determination of Different Forms of Phosphorus in Waters of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Durres, Before and After Treatment
Authors: Valbona HOXHA, Albana JANO, Kozeta VASO, Enkela PORO

Determination of Physico-Chemical Parameters in the Seman Basin Waters, In the Fieri City
Authors: Valbona HOXHA, Albana JANO, Kozeta VASO, Enkela PORO

Prediction of Critical pH for Fines Migration Pre- and PostNanofluid Treatment in Sandstone Reservoirs using the DLVO Modelling
Authors: Rizwan Muneer, Muhammad Rehan Hashmet, Peyman Pourafshary

Effect of Initial Wettability on Capillary Desaturation by Hybrid Engineered Water/Polymer Flooding in Carbonate Reservoirs
Authors: Mariam Shakeel, Peyman Pourafshary, Muhammad Rehan Hashmet

Laboratory Investigation of Hybrid Nanoparticles Injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery Process
Authors: Muhammad Rehan Hashmet, Peyman Peyman, Yernur Satay

Kinetic Analysis and Multi Objective Optimization of L-Lactide Polymerization
Authors: Geetu P Paul, Virivinti Nagajyothi

Pineapple Crown Extract As Green Inhibitor for Steel 39 in Acidic Media
Authors: Albana Jano, Alketa Lame, Efrosini Kokalari

The Inhibition Efficiency of Pineapple Crown Extract for Iron B500 in H2SO4and Hcl Media
Authors: Albana Jano, Alketa Lame, Efrosini Kokalari

Study Of The Copper Flotation From Copper Smelter Slag, Using Seawater As Operation Water
Authors: Erik Kohnenkamp, Felix Pizarro

Optimum Design Configuration of Dapped-End Beam Under Dynamic Loading Using TOPSIS Method
Authors: Esraa Hijah, Omar Najm, Hilal El-Hassan, Zubair I. Syed

Optimization of CWP-Slag Blended Geopolymer Concrete using Taguchi Method
Authors: Ponalagappan Chokkalingam, Abdulkader Elmir, Hilal El-Hassan, Amr El-Dieb

Preparation of Metallographic Specimen of Copper and Bronze
Authors: Tanja Antić, Mirjam Bajt Leban, Tadeja Kosec

Development of an Oxidizing-Distillation Technology for the Extraction of Tellurium from a Tellurium-Containing Middling
Authors: Alina Nitsenko, Xeniya Linnik, Valeriy Volodin, Nurila Burabaeva, Farkhat Tuleutay

Thermodynamics of Formation and Evaporation of Aluminum and Aluminum Telluride Melts
Authors: N.M. Burabayeva*, V.N. Volodin, S.A. Trebukhov, A.V. Nitsenko, K.A. Linnik

Pulsating Heat Pipe: Operation in Nonlinear Regime
Authors: Alok Kumar, Nadeem Ahmed, Suneet Singh

Surrogate Model for the Prediction of the Performance of a Tubular Pulsated Heat Pipe
Authors: Mouret Gaëlle, Becerril César, Ibrahim Mira, Cataldo Filippo

Analysis of a Battery Thermal Management System for Electric Vehicles using Heat Pipe Technology
Authors:Eoin Guinan, Joseph Mooney, Johnathan Ottman, Jeff Punch, Vanessa Egan

Geometrical Shape of Pulsating Heat Pipe under Hyper Gravity Condition
Authors:: Cezary Czajkowski, Andrzej Nowak, Sławomir Pietrowicz, Henrik Kassai

An Auxetic Construction Kit for Turbomachinery Application
Authors: Stefan Schröter, Lukas Reisinger, Volker Gümmer

Recovery of Particle Reinforced Composite 3D Printing Filament from Recycled Industrial Polypropylene and Glass Fibre Waste
Authors: Omid Sam-Daliri, Pouyan Ghabezi, Tomas Flanagan, William Finnegan, Sinéad Mitchell, Noel Harrison

Manufacture of Composite Filament for 3D Printing from Short Glass Fibres and Recycled High-Density Polypropylene
Authors: Pouyan Ghabezi, Noel M. Harrison, Tomas Flanagan

Floating Photovoltaic Installation at Off River Storage Facilities to Optimize Infrastructure Utilization
Authors: Tajul Ariffin Norizan, Hapida Ghazali, Rosazlan Abu Seman

Numerical Analysis of Gas Diffusion Characteristics during Thermal Runaway in ESS Battery Module
Authors: Dong Woo Kim, Young Man Lee, Hong Sun Ryou

Dimensional Precision of Abs Parts Manufactured By Additive Manufacturing in FDM Technology
Authors: Ricardo Júnior de Oliveira Silva, Fabiano Oscar Drozda, Natália Pereira de Azevedo

Investigations of Contact Temperature in Disc-on-Disc Tribotesting under Boundary Lubrication
Authors: Qian Wang, Biao Ma, Man Chen, Liang Yu, Liyong Wang

Design Optimization of 10 kW High Speed Generator by using Salp Swarm Algorithm
Authors: Deniz Perin, Kemal Yilmaz, Alper Akca, Aslan Deniz Karaoglan

Optimization of Suspension System Parameters for a SUV
Authors: Murat Otkur, Narjes Alshammari, Noura Abdullah, Danah Alkandari, Hanan Thyab, Latifah Alduwaisan

Acoustic Emissions Monitoring In Soil Compressibility Laboratory Tests
Authors: Danny Xavier Villalva-León, Gonzalo García-Ros, Juan Francisco Sánchez-Pérez, Enrique Castro-Rodríguez, María Rosa Mena-Requena, Manue Conesa

Experimental Investigation of Fatigue Strength in Adhesive Bonds
Authors: Yaprak Nisa OGUZ, Mustafa Burak GEDIKLI, Yunus Emre NEHRI, Gulcan TOKTAS, Ali ORAL

Path Planning with Modified RRT* Algorithm for Lung Biopsy
Authors: Yuexi Dong, Kunpeng Wang, Zheng Yang, Sai Cheong Fok, Han Wang

An overview of the study of acoustic emissions in soil mechanics
Authors: Danny Xavier Villalva León, Gonzalo García-Ros, Juan Francisco Sánchez-Pérez, Enrique Castro-Rodríguez, María Rosa Mena-Requena, Manuel Conesa

Thermal Performances of Multi-Layered Liquid Cold Plates
Authors: Andoniaina M. Randriambololona, Mohammad Reza Shaeri

Traditional or Reversed Funnel Shape in a Tornado-Like Vortex
Authors: Damián Castaño, María Cruz Navarro, Henar Herrero

Impact of Active Cooling On High Power Density Fixtures
Authors: Pranit Satish Joshi, Khurram Moghal

The Effect of Outlet Manifold Location of Liquid-Cooled Battery Thermal Management Systems on Pumping Power
Authors: Kuuku-Dadzie Botchway, Mohammad Reza Shaeri

A Modified Preconditioning Approach for Nodal Integral Method
Authors: Nadeem Ahmed, Alok Kumar, Niteen Kumar, Suneet Singh

FEM analysis of saline creep behavior over time
Authors: Nor Sidki-Rius , Marc Bascompta , Lluís Sanmiquel , David Parcerisa , Pura Alfonso , Alejandra VeraBurau , Gabriel R. González-Jiménez , Josep Biosca-Munts

Analysis Of An Accident In The Mining Sector Using The Feyer & Williamson Method
Authors: Lluís Sanmiquel, Marc Bascompta , Nor Sidki , Jordi Vives , Joan López

Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure to an Operator of LHD Loader Working in an Active Ore Heading Area
Sergei Sabanov, Nursultan Magauiya, Aibyn Zenulla, Akmaral Abil, Gulnur Nurshaiykova

Analysis of Blasting Vibrations Produced In a Gold Mine Using the Damage Prevention Abacus
Authors: Rafael Rodrígueza, Patricia Fernándeza, Cristóbal Lombardíab, Marc Bascomptac

Development Of A Low-Cost Microelectromechanical System For The Digitisation Of Bore-holes
Authors : Jordi Bonet, Marc Bascompta, Pere Palà, Eduard Cámara, Arnau Arumi

Application of Machine Learning to Predict Thermal Performances of Heat Sinks
Authors: Betelhiem N. Mengesha, Mohammad Reza Shaeri, Soroush Sarabi

3D Printing Of Lunar Soil Simulant towards Compact Structures
Authors: Yiwei Liu, Xian Zhang, Qinggong Wang, Chao Wang, Jian Song, Xiong Chen, Wei Yao

Artificial Neural Network Models to Predict Heat Transfer Coefficients and Pressure Drops in Cold Plates with Surface Roughness
Authors: Andoniaina M. Randriambololona, Mohammad Reza Shaeri, Soroush Sarabi

Prediction Accuracy of Artificial Neural Networks in Thermal Management Applications Subject to Neural Network Architectures
Authors: Mohammad Reza Shaeri, Andoniaina M. Randriambololona, Soroush Sarabi

Thermal Resistance Of A Liquid-Solid Interface on Curved Smooth and Rough Walls
Authors: Semran Ipek, Kiril St. Shterev, Stefan K. Stefanov, Ali Dinler