Proceedings of the 8th World Congress
on Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer (MHMT 2023)

March 26 - 28, 2023 | Lisbon, Portugal

The following papers were presented at the 8th World Congress on Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer.

CFD Modelling Of Compressible Two-Phase Flow With Phase Change Using Openfoam
Authors: Gokul Siddarth Mani Sakthi, Laila Abu-Farah, Natalie Germann

Thermochemical Energy Storage Using Radial Flow Annular Reactor for Attaining Lower Pressure Drop
Authors: Ankush Shankar Pujari, Rudrodip Majumdar, Sandip K. Saha

Hydrodynamics and Mixing Characteristics of a Multiphase Coaxial Mixing Tank: Design and Scalability Study
Authors: Ali Rahimzadeh, Farhad Ein-Mozaffari, Ali Lohi

Power Consumption Analysis for Gas Dispersion in a Dual Coaxial Mixer Containing Yield-Pseudoplastic Fluids via Experimental and Numerical Approaches
Authors: Forough Sharifi, Ehsan Behzadfar, Farhad Ein-Mozaffari

Fluid Flow Characterization of Gas Dispersion in a Yield-Pseudoplastic Biopolymer Using a Coaxial Mixer: Effect of Rotation Mode
Authors: Paloma L. Barros, Farhad Ein-Mozaffari, Ali Lohi

Evaluating the effect of PCM insulation packaging design on the thermal protection performance
Authors: Kasra Ghasemi, Mehran Bozorgi, Syeda Tasnim, Shohel Mahmud

Performance Improvement Of Solar-Assisted Desiccant Cooling System By Changing Collector Type And Stage Number
Authors: Mehran Bozorgi, Kasra Ghasemi, Syeda Humaira Tasnim, Shohel Mahmud

Modelling Of Subcooled Flow Boiling For Saline Solution Using New Bubble Dynamic Parameter Models
Authors: Junping Gu, Qinggong Wang, Yuxin Wu

Bubble Growth and Deformation Characteristics Under Non-Uniform Electric Field
Authors: Wu Tianyi, Wang Junfeng, Zhang wei, Su Qiaoling

Cooking Performance Optimization with New Types of Fan Baffles in Domestic Built-in Ovens
Authors: Fulya Bilen, Vasıf Can Yıldıran, Ayberk Salim Mayıl, Oğuzhan Erbaş

Dual Modal Imaging Of Two-Phase Flows Using Electromagnetic Flow Tomography And Electrical Tomography – State Estimation Approach
Authors: Muhammad Ziaul Arif, Aku Seppänen, Marko Vauhkonen

Surface Phosphor Thermometry behind a Water Film in a Rectangular Cooling Channel
Authors: Sacha Hirsch, Nicolas Fdida, Cornelia Irimiea, Sylvain Petit, Baptiste Dejean, Philippe Reulet, Benoît Fond, Guillaume Pilla

Determination of Rate Coefficient for Para-Orthohydrogen Conversion in Cryogenic Vortex Tube
Authors: Konstantin I. Matveev, Jacob W. Leachman

Sensitivity Analysis on the Performance of a Natural Draft Direct Dry Cooling System for a 50 MWe CSP Application
Authors: Wian Strydom, Johannes Pretorius, Jaap Hoffmann

Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer Performance in Novel Biomorphic Pin-Fin Heat Sinks
Authors: Mohammad Harris, Hongwei Wu

Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Temperature on Binary Alkane Mixture Segregation using a Mass Transfer Cavitation Model
Authors: Philip Schwarz, Romuald Skoda

Experimental and Numerical Study of a Cryogenic Ball Valve Using Liquid Nitrogen
Authors: Maria Teresa Scelzo, Maria Faruoli, Hubert Lejeune, Sandra Varin, Jorge Pinho

Cavitation Erosion Modelling Using a Poly-Disperse Fluid Formulation
Authors: Fran Delić, Waleed Al-Sallami, William Anderson, Hrvoje Jasak

A Comparative Study of Transport Equation Models for Prediction of Cloud Cavitation in a Venturi
Authors: Naga Nitish Chamala, Mingming Ge, Olivier Coutier-Delgosha

Simulating Cloud Cavitation Using Detached Eddy Simulation And Other Hybrid Turbulence Models
Authors: Dhruv Apte, Mingming Ge, Olivier Coutier-Delgosha

Design and Analysis of a Cryogenic Unsteady Flow Experiment through a Propellant Assisted Valve
Authors: Jorge Pinho, Arnaud Magette, Maria Teresa Scelzo, Jean-Baptiste Gouriet, Johan Steelant

Insights into Multi-Stage Heat Release Phenomenon of Polyoxymethylene Dimethyl Ether 1 (PODE1)
Authors: Denis Buntin, Leonid Tartakovsky

Various Motorcycle Configurations And Their Influence On Aerodynamic Performance – A CFD Analysis
Authors: Krzysztof Retych, Krzysztof Balcerzak, Bartosz Potęga, Michał Remer

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Particle Erosion on Squared T-Junctions
Authors: F. L. M. Reis, C. M. P. Rosero, E. R. David, D. A. Rodrigues and A. P. Silva Freire

Experimental Study of A LTES Made By a Finned Heat Exchanger Immersed In a Paraffinic PCM
Authors: Giulia Martino, Claudia Naldi, Matteo Dongellini, Gian Luca Morini

A Large-Scale Experiment for the Visualization of Near-Wall Structures in Turbulent Pipe Flow Using Stereoscopic PIV
Authors: R. Jäckel, B. Owolabi, B. Magacho, L. Moriconi, D. J. C. Dennis, J. B. R. Loureiro

Airlift Pumps with Annulus Risers: An Experimental Investigation
Authors: Shahriyar G. Holagh, Dana Fadlalla, Marwan H. Taha, Alexander Doucette, Wael H. Ahmed

Simulation of Heat and Moisture Coupling Transfer Characteristics of Grain Pile Drying Process Based On DEM-CFD
Authors: LI Xin, WANG Yuancheng, YANG Kaimin, DU Xinming

Performance Curve of a Patch Heater Fabricated by Silver Screen Printing for Satellite Applications
Authors: Jinwoo Choi, Jaeyong Sung, Joon Hyun Kim

Comparison of 1D and 3D Electrochemical-Thermal Model of Lithium-Ion Battery
Authors: Yiğitalp GÖKMEN, Tuğçe GÜL, Gamze GEDIZ ILIS

The Effect of Particle Collisions on Heat Transfer in a non-Isothermal Dilute Turbulent Gas-Particle Flow
Authors: Hamid Reza Zandi Pour, Michele Iovieno

Multi-Objective Optimisation of Heat Transfer Elements within A Rotary Regenerative Heater
Authors: Jordan White, Marco Vezza

On Saturated Flow Boiling Heat Transfer Of Deionized Water and Ferrofluid on Structured Surfaces With/Without External Magnetic Field
Authors: Behnam Parizad Benam, Mandana Mohammadilooey, Hyun Sun Park, Abdolali K Sadaghiani, Ali Kosar

A Biomimetic Approach to Improve Convective Heat Transfer Using Fluid-Induced Vibrations from Self-Excited Flaps
Authors: Sahand Najafpour and Majid Bahrami

Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow of TiO2 Nanofluids in a Compact Heat Exchanger
Authors: W. Ajeeb, R. R. S. Thieleke da Silva, S M Sohel Murshed

Thermal Properties Of Sic and BN Nanofluids for Heat Transfer Applications
Authors: Wagd Ajeeb and S M Sohel Murshed

Propylene Glycol-Water Based Titanium Carbonitride Nanofluids Designed For Heat Transfer Applications
Authors: Marco A. Marcos, Javier P. Vallejo, Wagd Ajeeb, S.M. Sohel Murshed, Luis Lugo

Natural Dropwise Condensation of Humid Air on an Inclined Flat Surface
Authors: S. Abedinnezhad, M. Ashouri, M. Bahrami

Flow Boiling Heat Transfer Enhancement With Biphilic Surfaces At Subatmospheric Pressures
Authors: Vahid Ebrahimpour Ahmadi, Tayfun Guler, Ali Kosar

Numerical Analysis of Phase Change and Forced Convection in Moving Ship LNG Fuel Tanks
Authors: Woorim Lee, Sungwon Lee, Edward Richardson, Stephen Turnock, Dominic Hudson, Dominic Hudson

Condensation Heat Transfer And Pressure Drop Characteristics Of R466A Inside A Micro-Fin Tube
Authors: Jinsung Choi, Minwoo Lee, Yongchan Kim

Two-Phase Flow in an Unconsolidated Porous Medium: A Theoretical Derivation of a Macroscopic Model
Authors: Cyriaque Treol, Rémi Clavier, Nathalie Seiler, Benoit Goyeau

Dynamic, Semi-Empirical Modelling and Experimental Validation of Pressure Drop in Capillary Tubes
Authors: Janina Deichl, Christian Hoffmann, Jens-Uwe Repke, Tommy Grunert

Limits of Contaminants Vapor Extraction from Soil by Hot Air Injection Based on Propanol Clean-up Analyses
Author: Abraham Dayan

Development of a Lithium-Ion – Supercapacitor Hybrid Battery for Electric Forklifts
Authors: Filippo Azzini, Lorenzo Mannucci, Massimiliano Rossi, Beatrice Pulvirenti, Gian Luca Morini

A Python Based Approach for Drop Analysis in Micro-Fluidics Devices
Authors: Filippo Azzini , Beatrice Pulvirenti, Gian Luca Morini

Flow Boiling Instabilities and Single-Phase Pressure Drop in Rectangular Microchannels with Different Inlet Restrictions
Authors: Mark Schepperle, Aum Mandal, Peter Woias

Dual-Fuel Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine with Ethanol and 1-Octanol
Authors: Larissa Michaela Grundl, Pravin Kumar Sundaram, Genny Anne Pang, Christian Thorsten Trapp

Parametric Analysis of Heat Source and Sink and Design of Heat Exchangers for Trilateral Flash Cycle (TFC)
Authors: Christina Antonopoulou, Apostolos Gkountas, Konstantinos Atsonios, Panteleimon Bakalis, Anastasios Skiadopoulos, Panagiotis Grammelis, Dimitrios Manolakos