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Comparing Simulation Use Cases in Building Design for Developing an User-centric Simulation Platform Fuzzy Data Association of Aerial Robot Monocular SLAM Modification of PMMA Bone Cement for Enhancing Applicability in Vertebroplasty Quantifying and Overcoming the Effect of Distraction on Cognitive Load in a Brain-Computer Interface Microinjection Technique to Relieve Neuropathic Pain by Infusion of Rapamycin into the Insular Cortex Speckle Reduction of Ultrasound B-mode Image using Patch Recurrence Discrimination Of Artificial And Actual Expression On Face Using sEMG A Simplified Predictive Current Control for Matrix Converters with Reduced Common-mode Voltage Parameters determining the Information Flow in Smart Meters Complex Networks Smart Metering and Smart Grid Security A Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor-Based Circuit of Electrophysiology Retina in Neural Applications An Area-Compact and High Power-Efficient Digital Buck Converter Using Nest-Loop Topology in 0.18um CMOS An Analytical Study for Two-Hop Amplify-and-Forward DS-CDMA Systems over Rayleigh/Nakagami-m Fading Channels Outage Probability of DF IDMA Networks with Best Relay Selection in Weibull Fading Stator Shape Optimization For Electrical Motor Torque Density Improvement Electrical Conductivity Extracted From Optical Characterization of Polysilicon Films Compact Model of BJT enhanced Tunnel Field Effect Transistor Prediction of the Electric Field Emissions around the High-voltage Power Lines using Neural Network Algorithms