Proceedings of the 4th World Congress
on Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems and Science (EECSS'18)

AUGUST 21 - 23, 2018 | MADRID, SPAIN

The following papers were presented at the 4th World Congress on Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems and Science (EECSS'18).

Quality by Design Towards Standardization of 3D Printed Bone Implants and scaffolds for Industry Translation
Authors: Daniel Martinez-Marquez, Karan. Gulati, Ali. Mirnajafizadeh, Christopher P. Carty, Rodney Stewart, Saso Ivanovski

The Biomechanical Effects on The Spine During Gait Using Inverse Dynamics
Authors: Do-Yun Jeong, Heoung-Jae Chun

Sciatic Nerve Regeneration in Mice Using A PLGA Microgroove Patterned Conduit Fills With Microfiber
Authors: Ching-Wen Li, Hui-Yu Hsu, Yu-Fen Chung, Jong-Hang Chen, Gou-Jen Wang and Ing-Ming Chiu

Multibody Simulation of an Electromagnetic Actuator for a Gentle Blood Pump Mechanism
Authors: Sebastian Pech, Heiko Rathmann, René Richter, Jens Lienig

Ex-Vivo and In-Vivo Studies in a Porcine Model for Experimental Validation of an Embedded System Designed for Radiofrequency Ablation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Authors: O. F. Gaidos, M. P. Marques, J. Y. Ishihara, S. R. F. Rosa

Novel Mechanical Design of an Ear Surgical Device to Treat Otitis Media with Effusion
Authors: Cailin Ng, Wenyu Liang, Chee Wee Gan, Hsueh Yee Lim, Kok Kiong Tan

Portable Device for Skin Cancer Diagnostics by Combined Diffuse Reflectance and Autofluorescence Photobleaching
Authors: Ilona Kuzmina, Dmitrijs Bliznuks, Vanesa Lukinsone, Emilija Vija Plorina, Janis Spigulis

Monitoring System for Glycemic Control in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Based on Mobile Technology, Telemetry, and Health Education
Authors: Eduardo Toledo, Daniel Cárdenas, Miguel Angulo, Edgard Oporto

Development of Smart Wearable Exoskeleton Robot
Authors: Guo-Shing Huang, Kuan-Hung Chen, Chi-Chun Chen, Chung-Liang Lai

Concept Design of a Miniaturized Abdominal Aorta Sensing Stent to Prevent Renal Impairment in Heart Failure Patients
Authors: Samah Atiyat, Shadi Karabsheh

The Viability and Performance of P300 responses using Low Fidelity Equipment
Authors: Patrick Schembri, Dr Richard Anthony, Dr Mariusz Pelc

Video-Based Pulse Arrival Time can track Dynamic Blood Pressure Changes
Authors: Fatemeh Shirbani, Conner Blackmore, Christina Kazzi, Isabella Tan, Mark Butlin, Alberto P. Avolio

Real-Time Monitoring of Charge Accumulation from Insole-Mounted MFC Piezoelectric Modules for Analysis of Power Availability in Mobility-Restricted Patients
Authors: Sian Armstrong, Cathy Holt, Philippa Jones

Compact Bow-tie Antenna for the Detection of Multiple Tumors
Authors: Abdullah K. Alqallaf, Rabie K. Dib

Double Effect of Mg-Doping and Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Content Reinforcing on Structural and Properties of Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposite Ceramics
Authors: Bricha Meriame, El Mabrouk Khalil

Cluster Source Deposition Based Hierarchical Nanoporous Ag Film Deposited Substrate for Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering
Authors: Sungho Yun, Junyeop Lee, Jaemoon Yang, Dongin Lee, Bonghwan Kim, and Chanseob Cho

SMA Based Actuators for Pressure Ulcer Prevention
Authors: Ricardo Carvalho, Joana Almeida, Pedro Pereira, Susana Pereira, Ricardo Simoes, Miguel Ribeiro, Joana Fonseca

Investigating the effect of tumor microvascular architecture on drug transport and distribution
Authors: Moath Alamer, Xiao Yun Xu

X-ray CT Imaging with a Dental Panoramic Apparatus
Authors: Koichi Ogawa, Kohei Kawai

Detection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in CT Images Using Deep Learning
Authors: Shingo Okamoto, Takehiro Yokota, Jae Hoon Lee, Akihiro Takai, Teruhito Kido, Megumi Matsuda

A Novel Method for Retinal Vessel Segmentation and Diameter Measurement in High Speed Fundus Videos
Authors: Mahdieh Rezaeian, Ruth Oliver, Mark Butlin, Alberto Avolio, Mojtaba Golzan, Stuart Graham

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Functional Imaging in the Evaluation of Mandibular Advancement Device Positioning
Authors: Adela Martínez, Alfonso López Muñiz, Eduardo Soudah, Juan Calvo, Alberto Álvarez Suárez, Juan Cobo

Analytical Models of Optical Coherence Tomography for Tissue Optical Property Estimation: Preliminary Result and Comparison
Authors: Yan Wang, Jinming Duan, Li Bai

Segmentation of the Heart Ventricle and Atrium in Handheld Ultrasound Images
Authors: Jun-Young Park, Woo-Hyuk Choi, Sung-Yun Park

Pedestrian Detection based on Gaussian Mixture Model Multiresolution CoHOG
Authors: Shuto Higashi, Yuya Michishita, Shuichi Enokida, Masatoshi Shibata, Hideo Yamada

Combined DCT-Haar Transforms for Image Compression
Authors: Issam Dagher, Mireille Saliba, Rachelle Farah

Improving the Accuracy of Dynamical System Based Optical Flow Estimation by Central Difference Discretization of Time Derivative
Authors: Yuta Akiyoshi, Noboru Sebe, Shuichi Enokida, and Eitaku Nobuyama

Interactive Holographic Pyramid Using Two-Layer Integral Photography
Authors: Toshiaki Yamanouchi, Shohei Anraku, Nahomi Maki, Kazuhisa Yanaka

Holographic Pyramid Using Integral Photography Suitable for Displaying Tall Objects
Authors: Shohei Anraku, Toshiaki Yamanouchi, Nahomi Maki, Kazuhisa Yanaka

Using Generative Adversarial Networks to Optimise Health Outcomes of Cities by Transforming Urban Design
Authors: Jasper S. Wijnands, Kerry A. Nice, Jason Thompson, Haifeng Zhao, Mark Stevenson

Modulation of Neuronal Activity in Neuropathic Pain Following Repetitive Motor Cortex Stimulation in Rats
Authors: Myeounghoon Cha, Seong-Karp Hong, Sun Joon Bai, Bae Hwan Lee

Combined Influence of Cellular and Mechanical Cues on Ex Vivo Expansion of Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells
Authors: Yun Gyeong Kang, Eun Jin Lee, Ji Eun Kim, Yanru Wu, Jung-Woog Shin

Voice Pattern Recognition using CNN for Simple Command of Smart Toy
Authors: Kyung-Min Lee, Jong-Bok Ahn, Deok-In Kim, In-Young Kim, Chul-Won Park