Proceedings of the 7th World Congress
on Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer (MHMT'22)

April 07 - 09, 2022 | Lisbon, Portugal
Virtual Conference

The following papers were presented at the 7th World Congress on Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer.

Modelling of Effects of Process Inputs on Conditions in a BFB Furnace
Author: Sirpa Kallio, Elena Gorshkova, Marko Huttunen , Abhilash Menon , Alan R. Kerstein , Michael Oevermann

Kinetic Analysis and CFD Modelling of Hydrogen-Air Combustion Applied to Scramjet Vehicles
Author: Guido Saccone, Pasquale Natale, Luigi Cutrone, Marco Marini

Efficient CFD Methodology for Optimal Design of Oil Cooled Electric Motor Shaft
Author: Rohit Sharma, Vinay Kumar Gupta, Alok Khaware, Vinayak Kamat

Lattice Boltzmann Modeling of Two-Phase Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) Flows
Author: A.D. Li, Y.Q. Zu, C. Zhou

Electro-Dip Simulation of a Car BIW using Volume-of-Fluid Model with Hybrid Time Advancement Scheme
Author: Vishesh Aggarwal, Tushar Patil, Vivek Patil, Ian Lockley

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Solid-Liquid Phase Change of a Low Temperature Paraffin for Refrigerated Transport Applications
Author: Calati M., Guarda D., Zilio C., Righetti G., Mancin S.

CFD Simulation of Mixing Tank with Different Rushton Agitator Diameters and Constant Power Consumption
Author: Luiza B. Fernandes, José R. Nunhez

Numerical Simulations of Microchannels with Functionalized Surfaces for Fluid Treatment with COVID-19
Author: Harrson S. Santana, João L. Silva Jr, Bruna I. Bittelbrunn, Mariana G. M. Lopes1, Osvaldir P. Taranto

A New One-equation Turbulence Model based on the Combined Standard k-ε and k-ω Turbulence Models for Benchmark Flow Configurations
Author: Fei Wang, Tat Leung Chan

Assessment of Flame Structure of Turbulent Bluff-Body CH4/H2 Flame Using RANS-FPV Model
Author: Hrishikesh Kotwal, Rudra N. Roy

Numerical Study of the Effects of Humidity on Natural Convective Flows in Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Systems
Author: H. Ahmadi Moghaddam, S. Tkachenko, J. Reizes, R. Raja, C. Menezo, S. Giroux–Julien, V. Timchenko

Thermal Flow Analysis In Natural Gas Tubings In Relation To Downhole Applications
Author: K.H. Al-Muhammadi, B.S. Yilbas, S.Z. Shuja, A. Al-Sharafi

Moving Grid Generation: An Unstructured FEM for Simulating Moving Body
Author: Saeed Rafiei, Ebrahim Khajehpour

Hydrothermal Performances of Liquid Cold Plates
Author: Andoniaina M. Randriambololona, Mohammad Reza Shaeri

Portable PCM-Based Heat Exchanging Thermal Energy Storage System: Performance Testing Using Numerical Model
Author: Benoît Boulay, Syeda Tasnim, Shohel Mahmud

Numerical Studies of Hydrogen and LPG Turbulent Premixed Flames
Author: Mohamed Elshimy, Salah Ibrahim, Weeratunge Malalasekera

Improvements on a Direct-ALE Scheme for Multiphase Flows with Thermodynamic Consistency
Author: Vazquez-Gonzalez Thibaud

Modeling the Carbon Black Production in Enclosed FSP Reactor
Author: Fabio Henrique Bastiani, Pedro Bianchi Neto, Lizoel Buss, Udo Fritsching, Dirceu Noriler

Gas-Liquid Flow Regime Variation along a Pipeline Riser
Author: Alexander J Elliott , Graeme Hunt, Andrea Cammarano, Gioia Falcone

The Effect of Locations of Inlet and Outlet Manifolds on Thermal Performance of a Lithium-Ion Battery Thermal Management System
Author: Kuuku-Dadzie Botchway, Mohammad Reza Shaeri

Investigating the Effect of Particle Size on Erosive Wear in Industrial Coal Pneumatic Transport Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Author: Paul T Ogunlela, Donald Giddings, Chris Bennett, Stefan Born, Margot Klaassen, Isaac Gennissen

A Study on the Geometrical Parameter of a Mixing Chamber in an Air-Induction Nozzle
Author: Milad Khaleghi Kasbi, Reza Alidoost Dafsari, Jeekeun Lee

Diffuse Interface Method for Nucleate Boiling Simulations
Author: G. Minozzi, A. D. Lavino, E. R. Smith, J. Liu, T. Karayiannis, K. Sefiane, O. K. Matar, D. Scott, T. Krüger and P. Valluri

Drop Impact Simulation on Heated Structured Surfaces
Author: N. Samkhaniani, M. Toprak, A. Stroh

Microlayer Evaporation during Steam Bubble Growth, And the Evidence It Provides Regarding the Evaporative Process Itself
Author: Giovanni Giustini

Matched Wetting Behaviour of Material Pairings for Optical In-Situ Measurements in PEM Fuel Cells
Author: Sebastian Blessing, Moritz Kippenberger, Alexander Stroh, Jochen Kriegseis

Analysis of Gas-Liquid Intermittent Flow Sub-Regimes by Pressure Drop Signal Fluctuations
Author: Abderraouf Arabi, Yacine Salhi, Youcef Zenati, El-Khider Si-Ahmed, Jack Legrand

Experimental Investigation Of the Thermal-Hydraulic Characteristics of Agglomerates in Gas-Solid Fluidized-Bed Reactors
Author: Matteo Errigo, Massimiliano Materazzi, Paola Lettieri

Void Fraction Experimental Determination in Gas/Liquid Horizontal Pipe Flow by Mean of a Dual Optical Probe
Author: Aude Lecardonnel, Carlo De Servi, Piero Colonna, Delphine Laboureur

Classic PIV and Stereo-PIV Techniques in the Analysis of Turbulent Flow in a Stirred Tank
Author: Aline G. De Mitri, Rodrigo de L. Amaral, Jenniffer S. Ayala, Helder L. de Moura, Guilherme J. de Castilho

Flow Structures of a Pseudoplastic Fluid in a Stirred Tank Using Particle Image Velocimetry
Author: Jenniffer Ayala, Aline Gallo De Mitri , Helder L. de Moura, Rodrigo de L. Amaral, Grazielle Espina, Guilherme J. de Castilho

Interaction of Cooling Lubricant Droplets with Hot Metal Surfaces
Author: Kaissar Nabbout, Martin Sommerfeld, Eckart Uhlmann, Enrico Barth, Jörg Kuhnert

Developing Acoustic Emission Technique to Characterize Particles in Solid-Gas Flows
Author: Fria Hossein, Massimiliano Matterazzi, Matteo Errigo, Paola Lettieri, Panagiota Angeli

Experimental Study Onon Organic PCM Forfor High Temperature Applications
Author: Giulia Righetti, Claudio Zilio, Giovanni A. Longo, Simone Mancin

Experimental Study on the Performance of Wet Thermoacoustic Engine with Modified Parallel Plate Stack Design
Author: Md. Imrul Kayes, Md. Ashiqur Rahman

Flow Interaction Between Porous and Non-porous region in a Channel Partially Filled with a Porous Block: Pore-scale LES Study
Author: Mohammad Jadidi, Yasser Mahmoudi

Experimental and Numerical Analyses of Pressure Drops In A 3D Printed Foam
Author: Giulia Righetti, Michele Calati, Claudio Zilio, Simone Mancin

Porous Media Model Limit in Low Fin Packing Density Channel
Author: Yohanna HENROTEL, Damien SERRET, Joseph JABBOUR

Effective Thermal Conductivity of Tetragonal Pin Array Stack
Author: Elio Di Giulio, Armando Di Meglio, Nicola Massarotti, Raffaele Dragonetti

Establishing Suitable Conditions to Compare Multiphase Flow Laboratories with Different Line Pressures
Author: Alexander J. Elliott , Olusegun S. Osundare1, Gioia Falcone, Dennis van Putten

Rayleigh-Taylor Instability of Miscible Displacements in Heterogeneous Porous Media
Author: Youssef Elgahawy, Jalel Azaiez

Simulation Analysis on the Identification of Chemical Effects by the Addition of Diatomic Gases in Acetylene Flame
Author: Hassan Osaf Ali, Daisuke Shimokuri, Muhammad Hassaan Athar, Faheem-ul-Hasnain, Talha Nadeem Hassan, Muhammad Azeem Ghouri

Evaluation of A Soot Modeling Strategy Including Sectional PAH Model and Lagrangian Soot Tracking
Author: Alexis Andre, Nicolas Bertier, Aymeric Boucher, Philippe Villedieu

Experimental Analysis Of Blast Furnace Gas Co-Firing In A Semi-Industrial Furnace Using Colour Images
Author: P. Compais, J. Arroyo, A. González-Espinosa, C. Gonzalo-Tirado, M. A. Castán-Lascorz, J. Barrio, V. Cuervo-Piñera

Experimental Study on the Performance of an Indigenous Wood Stove for Indian Rural Cooking
Author: K. Manish, B. Ashutosh, V. Raghavan

Thermohydraulic Characterization of DI Water Flow in Rectangular Microchannels By Means Of Experiments and Simulations
Author: Mark Schepperle, Nima Samkhaniani, Mirco Magnini, Peter Woias, Alexander Stroh

A Study on the Mathematical Modelling of Homogeneous Condensation in Supersonic Separators
Author: Nathalia Sa, Antonio O S Moraes, Pedro Kropf, Ricardo Medronho, Luiz F L R Silva, Tânia Klein, Fabio Santos

Bubble Growth in Saturated Pool Boiling of Water on a Smooth Surface
Author: M. M. Mahmoud, Tassos G. Karayiannis

Developed Macro-Scale Flow and Heat Transfer in Micro-Channels with Large Arrays of Offset Strip Fins for a Uniform Heat Flux
Author: Arthur Vangeffelen, Geert Buckinx, Maria Rosaria Vetrano, Martine Baelmans

Two-Dimensional Approximation of a Three-Dimensional Wavy Microchannel
Author: Roxana Durantes, J. Rafael Pacheco, Arturo Pacheco-Vega

Thermal Fatigue at Mixing Points in Industrial pipework
Author: Funke Dacosta-Salu, Michael E. Fitzpatrick, Xiang Zhang, Tyler London, Alessio Basso, James Jewkes

A Theoretical Analysis of Hybrid Liquid Desiccant-Vapor Compression Air Conditioning Systems
Author: Ghaleb Ibrahim and Husham M. Ahmed

Non-Newtonian Spreading Simulation of Molten Nuclear Combustible
Author: Thomas Schiano, Barbara Bigot, Jean-François Haquet, Pierre Saramito, Claude Smutek

Thermal Stability Analysis of Toroidal Thermosyphon Models with Fuzzy Controllers
Author: Daniel Lopez, Arturo Pacheco-Vega

A Theoretical Analysis on Air-Falling Film Desiccant Dehumidifier
Author: Ghaleb Ibrahim and Husham M. Ahmed

Analysis of Thermal Performance of Different Materials and Configurations for Insulation Walls of Transport Refrigeration Vehicles
Author: Md. Mehrab Hossen Siam, Meraj Hossain, Md. Ashiqur Rahman

Dynamic Simulation of Vapor Compression Refrigeration System with R134a and R1234yf using Dymola Behavior Modeling
Author: V. W. Bhatkar, R. M. Tak

Experiment and Molecular Dynamics Analysis on Enhanced Evaporation of Silver Nanofluids under Light Irradiation
Author: Chang Zhao, Wei An, Yifan Zhang, Qingchun Dong, Naiping Gao

Investigation of Transport and Structural Properties of Binary fluid Mixtures in the Near-Critical-Region via Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Author: Devinda Wijerathne, Krishan De Silva, Arjuna De Alwis, Muditha Abeysekera, Hansani Weeratunge, Ubaya Higgoda

An Experimental Study on the Multiphase Behaviour of an Agricultural Air Induction Nozzle with Various Internal Geometry
Author: Reza Alidoost Dafsari, Milad Khaleghi Kasbi, Seunghwa Yu, Yong Choi, Jeekeun Lee

Ascorbic-acid-coated Magnetite as Nanoabsorbent for CO2 Capture
Author: Jong Ha Park, Jae Won Lee, Yong Tae Kang

Spreading Dynamics of Al2O3-Water Nanofluid Droplets Impacting On a Smooth Flat Surface
Author: Yunus T. Aksoy, Pinar Eneren, Erin Koos, Maria Rosaria Vetrano

Rheology and Thermal Conductivity of Three Metallic Oxides Nanofluids
Author: Wagd Ajeeb, R. R. S. Thieleke da Silva, S M Sohel Murshed

Evaluation of Stability of Alumina Nanofluids and Its Impact on Viscosity and Density
Author: Elaine Fabre and S M Sohel Murshed

Heat Transfer and Hydrodynamic Study of Particulate Flow in Channel with Extended Surfaces
Author: Rasa Soleimani, Mohammad Zargartalebi, Jalel Azaiez, Ian D. Gates

Experimental Assessment of the Thermal Performance of Two Water-based Nanofluids in Laminar Pipe Flow
Author: Alexandre BRICLOT, Catalin POPA, Jean-François HENRY, Stéphane FOHANNO

Effect of Air Flow Direction on Forced Convection Over a Single Fin
Author: Mohammad O. Hamdan

Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer within Two Anisotropic Coaxial Mediums in Cylindrical Geometry
Author: El hady Zakaria, Hamza Hamid, Jawad Lahjomri, Abdelaziz Oubarra

Influence of Material Properties and Water Pressure on the Boundary Condition of Heat Transfer during Jet Cooling
Author: Elżbieta Jasiewicz, Beata Hadała, Dawid Denkowski

Experimental Investigation of Quenching Of Moving Hot Metal Plate with Water Using Flat Spray Nozzles
Author: Bilal Mehdi, Suresh Gopalkirshna, Stephan Ryll, Eckehard Specht, N. M. Narayan, U. Fritsching