Proceedings of the 5th International Conference
on Control, Dynamic Systems, and Robotics (CDSR'18)

June 7 - 9, 2018 | Niagara Falls, Canada

The following papers were presented at the 5th International Conference on Control, Dynamic Systems, and Robotics (CDSR'18).

Level-set and Image Statistics for Pose Estimation of Satellites
Authors: Jian-Feng Shi, Steve Ulrich, Stéphane Ruel

Parameter Identification on Helly’s Car-Following Model
Authors: Roberto C. Ambrosio-Lázaro, Luis Alberto Quezada-Téllez, Oscar A. Rosas-Jaimes

Linear Control Design for a Plastic Extruder
Authors: Pedro Guzmán-Simón, Miguel A. Morales-Carmona, Oscar A. Rosas-Jaimes

A Comparative Study on Automatic Flight Control for small UAV
Authors: Elfatih A. Hamdi, Gamal M. Sayed El-Bayoumi

A New Integral Second-Order Terminal Sliding Mode Control with Time Delay Estimation for an Exoskeleton Robot with Dynamics Uncertainties
Authors: Brahim Brahmi, Maarouf Saad, Cristobal Ochoa-Luna, Stefano Di Gennero, Mohammed H. Rahman

Intelligent Systems for Cancer Prediction and Diagnosis
Authors: Tawfeeq Al-Kanhal, Yazan Otoum

Forward Collision Probability Evaluation Based on Tired Index of Driver
Author: Yuan-Lin Chen

Model-Free Sliding Mode Control Algorithms including Application to a Real-World Quadrotor
Authors: Eric Schulken, Agamemnon Crassidis

Viscosity Measurement for Picoliter Liquid Volumes Using Twin Micro-Cantilever Beams
Authors: M. Amin Changizi, Ion Stiharu

A Do-and-See Approach for Learning Mechatronics Concepts
Authors: Anoush Sepehri, Alireza A Asadi, Gustavo K. Costa, Nariman Sepehri

Design of SMC with a Conditional Integrator for Pitch Control of a Mini UAV
Authors: Sajjad Hussain, Fahad Mumtaz Malik, Omair Altaf, Naseem Ahmad

Optimization Design of a Piezoelectric Actuator with Orthogonal Theory
Authors: Xijin Zhang, Jia Zhai, Qian Yang, Jun Yan, Tao Yang, Shaojie Hou

Timetabling with Three-Parent Genetic Algorithm: a Preliminary Study
Authors: Achini K. Herath and Dawn E. Wilkins