Proceedings of the 9th International Conference
on Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer (FFHMT'22)

June 08 - 10, 2022 | Niagara Falls, Canada

The following papers were presented at the 9th International Conference on Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer (FFHMT'22).

Post-Blackout Response of Backup Power Supply on the Safety of Nuclear Fuel Storage Vault
Authors: Vivek K. Mishra, Saroj K. Panda, Biswanath Sen, M. P. Maiya, B. P. C. Rao

Sensitivity to Snapshot Frequency in the POD-based Reduced-Order Modelling of Flow over a Gaussian Bump
Authors: Donya Ramezanian, Michael W. Lee, Naili Xu, and Iván Bermejo-Moreno

Heat Transfer Inside an Electric Motor
Authors: Ahmed M. Teamah, Mohamed S. Hamed

Experimental Analysis and CFD Modelling of the Flow Conditions inside an Air-Core-Liquid-Ring Atomizer
Authors: Miguel Ballesteros, Volker Gaukel

Modelling the Bubbling Bed State for Alumina Powders under Reduced Operating Pressure
Authors: Lanka Dinushke Weerasiri, Subrat Das, Daniel Fabijanic

Modelling Of Pulverized Coal Combustion with the Char Structure Effect in Melter-Gasifier
Authors: Yoon-ho Bae, Kang-min Kim, Byoung-hwa Lee, Chung-hwan Jeon

Numerical Investigation on Evolving Chip Geometry and Its Impact on Convective Heat Transfer during Orthogonal Cutting Processes
Authors: Thorsten Helmig, Tim Göttlich, Hui Liu, Nhat Nguyen, Thomas Bergs and Reinhold Kneer

Numerical Investigation on the Geyser Boiling in High Temperature Wick Sodium Heat Pipe based on CFD method
Authors: Wang Dahai, Hong Fangjun

Numerical Investigation on the Flows Within Friction Pairs of a Wet Clutch
Authors: Qian Wang, Biao Ma, Changsong Zheng, Liang Yu, Liyong Wang, Liangjie Zhen

Performance Analysis of an Ejector-Diffuser for Vapor Jet Refrigeration
Authors: Sankrish Jayachandran, T. Sundararajan

Regeneration of an Aqueous Potassium Lysinate to Capture CO2 in a Membrane Unit
Authors: Nayef Ghasem

Bayesian Belief Network Analysis of a Large Eddy Simulated Ocean Turbulence Field
Authors: Nicholas V. Scott and Tobias Kulkulka

Modeling of Additive Manufacturing-like Rough Walls from Roughness-resolved LES Database
Authors: Alexis Barge, Serge Meynet, Vincent Moureau, Guillaume Balarac, Abdellah Hadjadj, Ghislain Lartigue

Effect of Stack Position and Stack Length on the Performance of Thermoacoustic Engine
Authors: Yara Al Masalmeh, Ussama Ali, Md Islam, Isam Janajreh

Parametric Optimization for Thermoacoustic Refrigerator Driven by Thermoacoustic Engine
Authors: Ussama Ali, Md Islam, Isam Janajreh

Towards Understanding the Interfacial Structures of Non-developing Slug Flow in Vertical Pipes
Authors: Shahriyar G. Holagh, Wael H. Ahmed

A Multiphase Flow Approach for Ethanol Blended Fuels
Authors: M. Emre Bayraktar, Can Ünsal, Reza Eslami, A. Alper Özalp

Characterization of Wick Evaporators through the Behavior of the Specially Designed Condenser
Authors: Ella Barakhovskaia, Andrey Glushchuk, Igor Marchuk, Patrick Queeckers, Carlo Saverio Iorio

Experiment and CFD Simulation of HFE-7100 Boiling from Onset to Dry-out in a Vertical Mini-channel
Authors: Lioger--Arago Robin, Coste Pierre, Caney Nadia

Comparison of Experimental Heat Transfer Coefficient with Qualitative Description of Classical Heat Transfer Coefficient at Low Heat Flux Conditions
Authors: Ernest Gyan Bediako, Petra Dancova, Tomas Vit

CFD Modelling Of Film Deposition from a Receding Meniscus in a Capillary Tube Using the Approach of Overset Grid Technique
Authors: Alihossein Nikkhah, Nooshin Karami, Albert Tessier-Poirier, Omid Abouali, Luc G. Fréchette

Chronic Leak Detection in an Oil and Gas Transportation
Authors: Abdallah Zamli, Reem Almajdoubeh, Saly Awadh, Harris Rabbani, Mohammad Azizur Rahman

Magnetohydrodynamic Natural Convection of In-Ga-Sn Alloy in a Horizontal Concentric Annulus with Internal Fins
Authors: Aidan Hickie-Bentzen, Syeda Humaira Tasnim, Shohel Mahmud

Reduction of the Recirculation Region of a Backward-Facing Step Flow
Authors: James Kofi Arthur

Intensification of Heat Transfer by the Method of Artificial Roughness at a Water Film Flows down on Vertical Pipe
Authors: Tengiz Magrakvelidze, Giorgi Gigineishvili, Avksenti Mikashavidze, Tariel Koberidze, Khatuna Lomidze

Experimental Investigation of Contact Heat Transfer at High Pressures
Authors: Tim Göttlich, Thorsten Helmig, Nicklas Gerhard, Thomas Bergs and Reinhold Kneer

Transient Thermal and Electrical Characteristics of a Cylindrical LiFeS2 Cell with Equivalent Circuit Model
Authors: Khaled I Alsharif, Alexander H Pesch, Vamsi Borra, Pedro Cortes, Eric MacDonald, Frank X Li, Kyosung Choo

Ansys Fluent Automation for Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Corrugated Channels
Authors: Mohamed Shaimi, Rabha Khatyr, Jaafar Khalid Naciri

Improvement of Plate-Type Heat Exchanger Performance by Employing Metallic Oxide Nanofluid
Authors: Esam Jassim, Faizan Ahmed, Bashar Jassim

Enhancement Of The Parallel And Series Mode Of The Ultrasonic Atomizer On The Ammonia-Water Falling Film Absorber
Authors: Runfa Zhou, Minqi Wang, Shuhong Li

Parametric Modelling of Layer-Configuration and Heat sink-controlled Surface Temperatures of Layered Materials
Authors: Edward Michaelchuck Jr., Scott Ramsey, Troy Mayo, Samuel Lambrakos

Numerical Analysis of Horizontally Placed Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe for Electronic Cooling
Authors: Roshan Devidas Bhagat, Samir Deshmukh

Hydrothermal Performance of Liquid-Cooled Battery Thermal Management System with Multiple Inlets
Authors: Kuuku-Dadzie Botchway, Mohammad Reza Shaeri

Artificial Neural Network to Predict Pressure Drops in Heat Sinks
Authors: Betelhiem N. Mengesha, Mohammad Reza Shaeri, Soroush Sarabi

The Effects of Viscosity and Surface Tension on the Hydrodynamics of Air-Lift Reactor
Authors: Mohameden JEIED, Mahmoud El HAJEM, Jean Yves CHAMPAGNE

Heat Transfer Coefficients in Perforated Fins
Authors: Kymani M. Brown, Mohammad Reza Shaeri

Thermal Efficiency Improvement of Brayton Cycle in the Presence of Phase Change Material
Authors: Alireza Khademi , Seyed Ali Abtahi Mehrjardi , Saeed Tiari , Karim Mazaheri , Mohammad Behshad Shafii

Effects of Inlet Flow Rates on Purge Durations in an Atomic Layer Deposition Process
Authors: Betelhiem N. Mengesha, Mohammad Reza Shaeri

Calculation of the Pressure Field around a Spherical-Cap Bubble
Authors: Abdullah Kendoush