Proceedings of the 6th World Congress
on Mechanical, Chemical, and Material Engineering (MCM'20)

AUGUST 16 - 18, 2020 | Prague, Czech Republic
Virtual Conference

The following papers were presented at the 6th World Congress on Mechanical, Chemical, and Material Engineering (MCM'20).

CFD simulation of fuel/flue gas section of the fire-tube steam boiler system
Authors: P Sai Pavan Kalyan, Amol Deshpande

An Approach to Modelling the Manufacturing Process of Thermoset Composite Reinforced with 3D Woven
Authors: Mikhail Kiauka, Olga Pudeleva, Vladimir Sergeev, Aleksandr Tamm, Alexey Borovkov

Method of the Finned Pipe Heat Exchanger Modelling using Porous Medium
Authors: Nikolai Efimov-Soini, Mikhail Kiauka, Aleksey Borovkov

Experimental and Numerical Study of Capillary Driven Flow in Vane-type Tank under Normal Gravity and Microgravity Conditions
Authors: Ning Weng, Qinggong Wang, Yuying Wang, Jinyin Huang, Letian Yao, Wei Yao, Jindong Li

The Effect of Heating on the Anticorrosive Self Assembled Phosphonic Acid Nanolayers
Authors: Éva Kocsisné Pfeifer, Judit Telegdi, István Gábor Gyurika

Fabrication and thermomechanical evaluation in controlled atmospheres of SiC/Si biomorphic compounds
Authors: J.F. Gamarra-Delgado, J.J. Paredes-Paz, V.C. Bringas-Rodríguez, D.L. Mayta-Ponce, G.P. Rodríguez-Guillén1 and F.A. Huamán-Mamani

Deposition of (111)-Oriented Ag Nano-twinned Film on (111) Si Wafer
Authors: Po-Ching Wu, Pei-Ing Lee, Yu-Chang Lai, Yan-Cheng Lin, Tung-Han Chuang

Mathematical Model Analysis for Mass and Rates of Woodchip IR Drying
Authors: Pryce M.J., Cheneler D., Martin A. and Aiouache F

Exploring the Properties of User-defined Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage
Authors: Law Torres Sevilla, Jovana Radulovic

Characterization of Energy Vectors, in Solar Water Heaters with PCMs for Social Interest Housing
Authors: Alvaro Aguinaga, Estefanía Orquera, Carlos Avila, Víctor Hidalgo

Assess the use of Solar Dryer with Photonic Solar Reflectors and PCMs in Farming Products in the Andean Region
Authors: Estefanía Orquera, Álvaro Aguinaga, Carlos Ávila, Víctor Hidalgo

Thermomechanical evaluation of geopolymeric and conventional concretes
Authors: F.A. Huamán-Mamani, J.F. Gamarra-Delgado, J.J. Paredes-Paz, V.C. Bringas-Rodríguez, D.L. Mayta-Ponce1 and G.P. Rodríguez-Guillén

Investigation of the Influence of Mineral Types on Surface Quality in the Case of Milled Granite Surface
Authors: Eszter Cserta, István Gábor Gyurika

Creep of geopolymeric concrete obtained from mining tailings
Authors: F.A. Huamán-Mamani, J.F. Gamarra-Delgado, J.J. Paredes-Paz, V.C. Bringas-Rodríguez, D.L. Mayta-Ponce and G.P. Rodríguez-Guillén

Non-Newtonian material behaviour in extrusion-based 3D printing: Investigation of critical process parameters
Authors: M. Brillinger, K. A. Pendl

Topology Optimization of Rotor Structure in PM Alternator
Authors: Deniz Perin, Mehmet Baki Dogru

Application of Network Science to Extend the AHP and QFD Methods
Authors: Edina Kulcsár, István Gábor Gyurika, Tamás Csiszér

Mobile robot models for manufacturing systems
Authors: Miklós Boleraczki, István Gábor Gyurika

A Serious Game for Evaluating the Competencies of Environmental Consultants
Authors: Mariem Bouri, Lotfi Chraibi, Naoufal Sefiani

Influence of Laser Beam Shaping on Melt Pool Thermocapillary Flow
Authors: Seyyed Mohammad Ali Noori Rahim Abadi, Yongcui Mi, Fredrik Sikström, Isabelle Choquet

2D Axisymmetric Modelling of Single Liquid Droplet Impingement at High Speeds on Thin Liquid Films in Compressible Regime
Authors: Mason Marzbali, Ali Dolatabadi

Influence of the shroud leading edge shape on the axial-fan noise
Authors: David Kohout, Tomáš Hyhlík

Surface Tension Model for Free-Surface Problems in SPH
Authors: Petr Jančík, Tomáš Hyhlík

CFD Simulation of a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Authors: Mehmet Turgay Pamuk

Control Properties of a Reactors System to Produce Magnetic Nanoparticles by Thermal Decomposition
Authors: K. J. Delgado – Carrillo, J. de J. Ibarra–Sánchez, C. Molina–Guerrero, A. H. Sámano, M.E. Cano

Using Inhibitors for Preventions of Corrosion “Cancer” of Reinforced Concrete Constructions
Authors: Albana Jano, Valbona Hoxha, Alketa Lame, Efrosini Kokalari

Chemical inhibitors as potential allied for CO2 replacement in gas hydrates reservoirs: sodium chloride case study
Authors: Alberto Maria Gambelli, Beatrice Castellani, Mirko Filipponi, Andrea Nicolini, Federico Rossi