Proceedings of the 8th World Congress
on Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering (CSEE 2023)

March 29 - 31, 2023 | Lisbon, Portugal

The following papers were presented at the 8th World Congress on Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering.

A Preliminary Insight into the Effects of Tailing Wastes Addition on Metakaolin-based Geopolymers
Authors: Fernando Lameiras, Carolina Freire, Gianluca Bella

Hydro-Mechanical Behaviour and Critical State Conditions of Unsaturated Silty Tailings
Authors: Gianluca Bella and Guido Musso

Mechanical Response of Tailings under Monotonic Triaxial Tests in Unsaturated and Nearly Saturated Conditions
Authors: Gianluca Bella

Experimental Study to Implement the Saw-Cut Technique in Post-tensioned Concrete Beams under Laboratory Conditions
Authors: J.A. Mateu-Sánchez, P. Serna, E. Giménez-Carbó, M.C. Castro-Bugallo, J. Navarro-Gregori and J.R. Martí-Vargas

Interpretation of Cone Penetration Tests to Characterize Tropical Residual Soils Using Machine Learning
Authors: Jeniffer Viegas, António Gallardo, Lucas Bottaro, Rodrigo Marinaro

Influence of Hammer Energy Correction on SPT Correlations and Interpretation
Authors: Ayush Kumar, Anbazhagan Panjamani, Yadhunandan ME

Application of Full-Waveform Acoustic Borehole Logging to Detect and Characterize Rock Mass Fracture
Authors: Tartoussi Nourhan, Lataste Jean-François , Rivard Patrice, Barbosa Nicolás D.

Grain-Based Modeling Of The Macro-Mechanical Behavior Of Crystalline Rock Considering The Heterogeneity Of Grain Boundary Contacts
Authors: Xiongyu Hu, Marte Gutierrez, Zhiwei Yan

Estimating Particle Size Distribution of Mine Dump Materials using CenterMask Neural Network
Authors: Shubham Shrivastava, Debasis Deb

Analysis of a High Railway Slope Formed by Highly Jointed Rock Mass
Authors: Asli Can, Yasin Yasin, Candan Gökçeoğlu

Numerical Modelling and Intervention Measures for Snow Avalanche Protection of the Blattbach Railway Tunnel
Authors: Mirko Fasolino, Matteo Giani , Christian Ambrosi, Alessandro De Pedrini, Manuel Lüscher, Gianluca Bella

Effect of Soil Type on Efficiency of Recycled Jute Fibre as Natural Reinforcing Material
Authors: : Aditya Parihar, Kailash Attri, Babita Saini

Forecast Rainfall Density by Utilizing Machine Learning Models
Authors: Sung-Chi Hsu, Alok Kumar Sharma

Analysis of the Load Displacement Behaviour of Bored Pile using Different Soil Constitutive Models for Chittagong Soil
Authors: Sultan Al Shafian, Jin Zhenqi, Md. Shaheduzzaman, Fuad Bin Nazrul, Daud Nabi Hridoy, Musaddik Hossain

Deformation Behaviour Analysis Using Finite Element Method during Deep Excavation in Dhaka City
Authors: Sultan Al Shafian, Md Nafis Imtiyaz, Mostafiz Emtiaz

Stress-Displacement Distribution during Subway Station Construction Using CAPS Method
Authors: Ehsan Taherabadi, Amir Aminnia

The Effect of Granulate Waste Tires on the Geotechnical Properties of Clays
Authors: Fauzi H. Jarushi, Abdullah Talibullah

Hydrogeochemical Analysis as a Tool to Verify Seepage Flow Paths in an Earth Dam
Authors: Zorany S. Zapata, Maria C. Sierra, Adriana M. Blanco

Performance of Three-Tiered Geogrid Reinforced Soil Wall with Modular Concrete Facing Block: A Case Study
Authors: Siamak Yoosefi Sigari, Hadi Barghemadi, Amir Akbari Garakani, Christopher L. Meehan

An Experimental Investigation of Environmentally Friendly Concrete Reinforced With Graphene Nanoplatelets
Authors: Leidys Johana Jaramillo, Robin Kalfat

Suitability of Laboratory Compaction Procedure for Secondary Materials
Authors: Deepesh Bansal, Debaprakash Parida, G V Ramana, Manoj Datta

Field Investigation on Complete Replacement of Granular Subbase with Flyash and Blast Furnace Slag in Flexible Pavement
Authors: M. D. Bakare, J. T. Shahu, S. Patel

Sustainable Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil and Waste Animal Fats
Authors: Sahar Al Mawaali1, Khadija Al Balushi, Yasmine Souissi

Tied-Back Sheet Pile Wall Collapse – A Case Study
Authors: Ahmed Fahmy, Vito Schifano

Sustainable Development of the Engineering Geological Environment of Urban Areas: Transition from Theory to Practical Solutions
Authors: Viacheslav Iegupov, Gennadii Strizhelchik, Rajeshwar Goodary

Shear Strength and Bearing Capacity of FibreReinforced Sand
Authors: Magdi El-Emam, Ashraf Amin

Correlation of SPT-N & CPT Parameters of Dhaka Soil
Authors: Anika Tahsin Nabila, Nazifa Sayeed, Rifah Karim, Dr. Hossain Md. Shahin, Md. Shamsul Islam

Interpretation of Static Load Tests on the Burj Khalifa’s Foundation Piles
Authors: Anil Cherian

Optimization of a Waffle Slab for a Reinforced Concrete Structure. Economic and Environmental Comparison
Authors: Jorge Los Santos, Esteban Fraile, Javier Ferreiro

Innovative Training Methodology, In Occupational Risk Prevention, For Welding Tasks in Metal Structures
Authors: Carlos González, Jorge Los-Santos, Javier Ferreiro, Esteban Fraile

Implementing Variations on Geotechnical Measurements into FEM Soil Material Parameters
Authors: Somers Raf, Noël Christophe, Tavallali Abbass, Verastegui-Flores Ramiro Daniel

Estimation of the Depth of Flexible Pavement Layers Using Artificial Neural Network
Authors: Osama ElSahly, Mohamed AlQahtani, Akmal Abdelfatta

Numerical Investigation on Tailing Dams Stability: a Preliminary, Parametric Analysis of some Key Factors
Authors: Gianluca Bella, Carolina Freire, Fernando Lameiras, Matteo Giani

BIM and Tunnelling – a Norwegian application: the Sotra Link Project
Authors: Guido Barbieri, Matteo Giani, Enrico De Panicis, Andrea Biagi, Dario Della Femina, Gianluca Bella

On the Numerical Modelling of Steel Beams Strengthened by Purely Fastened FRP Sheets
Authors: Omnia R. AbouEl-Hamd, Amr M.I. Sweedan, Bilal El-Ariss, Khaled M. El-Sawy

Testing and Analysis of Tapered Pile Response under Vertical Loading in Loose and Dense Cohesionless Material
Authors: Chinju Vijayan, Ramanathan Ayothiraman

Optimising Design of Temporary Working Platforms Made From Hydraulically Bound Materials
Authors: Sandra Misiarz, Paul Beetham

From Scaled-Down to Full-Scale Rockfill Dams with Dry-Stone Pitching: A Numerical Study
Authors: Ali Haidar, Eric Vincens, Fabian Dedecker, Roland Plassart

Electrical and Thermal Properties of Wollastonitebased Inorganic Phosphate Cement Modified with Fibres and Recycled Rubber Aggregates
Authors: Chinedu A. Ajoku, Anaclet Turatsinze, Ariane Abou-Chakra

Assessment of the Theoretical Methodology Used in the Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual for Piles Design in Sand
Authors: I. M. Ezz, H. El Naggar

Gold Nanoparticles from Grape Pomace Wastes: Cosmetic and Biomedical Applications
Authors: Vito Rizzi, Jennifer Gubitosa, Anna Laurenzana, Francesca Scavone, Elena Frediani, Gabriella Fibbi, Paola Fini, Pinalysa Cosma

Entrapment of Nickel in Ferrochrome Ash by Native Lysinibacilus sp Bacteria
Authors: Mahindra Kothuri, Devatha CP

Alginate-Based Composite Films as Innovative and Multifunctional Packaging Material for Extending Food Shelf-Life
Authors: Jennifer Gubitosa, Vito Rizzi, Filippo Maggi, Giovanni Caprioli, Ahmed M Mustafa, Nicoletta De Vietro, Antonella Aresta, Paola Fini, Pinalysa Cosma

Preliminary Screening for Heavy Metals in Sediments of Urban Streams from Uruguay
Authors: Elena Alvareda, Jimena Alvarez, Sofía Da Rocha, Adriana Piperno, Matías Salvo, Pablo Gamazo, Valery Bühl, Bárbara Suarez, Rafael Navas and Franco Teixeira de Mello

Reducing Environmental Impact of Drilling Operations through the Implementation of Organic Waste Additives for Environmental Protection
Authors: Biltayib Misbah, Rana N. Malhas, Rida Elgaddafi

Phytoremediation of Cadmium and Nickel Contaminated Clay Soil in Lebanon Using Poplar Trees
Authors: Alice Abou Chacra, Samir Mustapha, Darine Salam, Walid El Kayal

Quantification of Hydrocarbon Contamination in Soil Using Hyperspectral Data and Deep Learning
Authors: Rafic Ayass, Samir Mustapha, Darine Salam

Electrokinetic Remediation for Heterogeneous Soils
Authors: Ikrema Hassan, Eltayeb Mohamedelhassan

Quantitative Assessment with Watershed Model on Drinking Water Protection Areas, The Taiwanese Case
Authors: Chi-Feng Chen, Shyh-Fang Kang, Jen-Yang Lin

Precision Application of Manure and Promising Pollutant Mitigation Options
Authors: Asgedom H., Schoenau J., Hlus Q., Soolanayakanahally R., Akhter F., Derdall E., Svendsen E.

Environmental Risk of Turbidity Caused by Construction Activities near the Gulf in UAE
Authors: Omayma Motaleb, Esraa Hijah

Rapid Classification of Microplastics by Using the Application of a Convolutional Neural Network
Authors: Pensiri Akkajit, Arsanchai Sukkuea

Selective Removal and Degradation of Ciprofloxacin Bearing Wastewater by HKUST-1
Authors: Divya Dixit, Sudipta Sarkar

Air Quality and Bioclimatic Conditions in the Touristic City Centre of Rhodes from June to November 2022
Authors: Ioannis Logothetis, Christina Antonopoulou, Georgios Zisopoulos, Adamantios Mitsotakis, Panagiotis Grammelis

Riverine Macro-litter: Plastic Pollution in Different Tributaries of the Ishëm River (Albania)
Authors: Laura Gjyli, Jerina Kolitari, Fundime Miri

Nutrient Removal Efficiency of a Fibrous Polypropylene Biofilm Reactor in Pilot Scale
Authors: Yee-Tian Leong, Meng-Hau Sung, David Kuo

The Toxic Effect of Drug Residues on the Germination of Cultivated Plants
Authors: Szilárd Székely, Eszter Rápó, Katalin Mihályfalvi, Szende Tonk

Comparing the Efficiency between Living and NonLiving Macroalgal Biomass for Removing Classical and Emerging Contaminants from Complex Mixtures
Authors: Jéssica Jacinto, Bruno Henriques, Thainara Viana, Nicole Ferreira, João Pinto, Daniela Tavares, Eduarda Pereira

Investigating the Presence of Trace Organic Contaminants in Hospital Wastewater and Their Treatment by Laccase
Authors: Komla Alokpa, Sabrina Saibi, Lounès Haroune, Hubert Cabana

Optically Classified Aerosol Properties for Mersin - Erdemli
Authors: S. Yeşer Aslanoğlu, Gülen Güllü

Synthesis of Low Cost Activated Carbon from Agriculture Wase for Wastewater Treatment
Authors: Abdelsalam Elawwad, Mahmoud Farrag, Hisham Abdelhalim

Performance Evaluation of Microbial Desalination Cells with Different Anode Surface Area on Phenol Removal and Energy Harvesting
Authors: Safwat M. Safwat, Abdelsalam Elawwad

Inhibitory Effect of Chromium Shock Loads on Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge (IFAS)
Authors: Abdelsalam Elawwad, Omar Abdelkarim, Minerva Edward

A Study on the Proper Scheduling Of the Sand Filtration Process through Artificial Intelligence Learning
Authors: Seungjae Yeon, Jusuk An, Changseog Oh, Hyun je Oh

Evaluation of Monovalent and Divalent Ions Removal Characteristics Using Membrane Capacitive Deionization (MCDI) Circulation Process
Authors: Changseog Oh, Jusuk An, Seungjae Yeon, Hyun je Oh

Photocatalytic Fuel Cell Incorporated With Persulphate Activation for Electricity Production by Diluted Palm Oil Mill Effluent Treatment
Authors: Sze-Mun Lam, Jin-Chung Sin, Honghu Zeng

Improvement of the Low Resolution of the Dataset and Prediction of the Water Quality Using the SWAT-LSTM Hybrid Model
Authors: Dae Seong Jeong, Jeongwoo Moon, Joon Ha Kim

Life Cycle Assessment of a New Device for Hydrocarbon Recovery from Groundwater: E-Hyrec®
Authors: Alessandra De Folly D’Auris, Francesca Rubertelli, Stefano Loda, Camilla Lanari

Hydrothermal Construction of Magnetic Z-Scheme N-Biobr/Nife2o4 Nanocomposite with Enhanced Sunlight-Driven Industrial Textile Effluent Degradation
Authors: Jin-Chung Sin, Sze-Mun Lam, Honghu Zeng

Photocatalytic Adsorbent for the Removal of MicroPollution from Industrial WWTPs
Authors: Soyoung Baek, Yasaman Ghaffari, Eunji Kim, Kwangsoo Kim, Jiyeol Bae

Development of Iron Doped Activated Carbon for Pharmaceuticals Removal and Adsorbents Regeneration by UV in Water
Authors: Eun Ji Kim, Soyoung Baek, Kwang Soo Kim, Jiyeol Bae

Estimation of COD from UV-Vis Spectrometer Exploiting Machine Learning in Leather Industries Wastewater
Authors: Marco Cardia, Stefano Chessa, Massimiliano Franceschi, Francesca Gambineri, Alessio Micheli

Removal of Rare Earths from Contaminated Water by Natural Marine Sponges: Optimization by Response Surface Methodology
Authors: Bruno Henriques, Maria Lapo, Joana Sousa, Daniela Tavares, Thainara Viana, Nicole Ferreira, João Pinto, Eduarda Pereira

A 2D Nonlinear Soil Response Based On the Influence of Vertical Component in Near-Fault Conditions
Authors: Claudia Germoso, Luis Placeres, Armando Simonelli, Augusto Penna, Diletta Aliperti

Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of the Municipality of Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic
Authors: Omar Gonzalez, Jose Muñoz, Claudia Germoso, Belén Benito, Beknur Omarbekov

Local Seismic Response Analysis Based On the Non-Linear Soil Behavior. Application to 5 Essential Buildings in Santiago de los Caballeros
Authors: Rafael Marmolejos, Claudia Germoso, Alnura Omarbekova

Air Quality Prediction with a Combined Machine Learning and Chemical Transport Model
Authors: Xiaoxiao Feng, Xiaole Zhang, Jing Wang

Ten-year Trends in Ambient PM2.5 and PM2.5-bound Element Concentrations in an Industrialized Border City
Authors: Tianchu Zhang, Xiaohong Iris Xu

Performance of Membrane Biological Reactor for Tobacco Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Authors: Abdallah Alhajar, Sameer Al-Asheh, Ahmed Aidan

Valorization of Plastic and Cork Wastes in the Production of New Composite Materials
Authors: Svetlana Petlitckaia, Toussaint Barboni, Paul-Antoine Santoni

Ultrasound-Assisted Soil Washing Process for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Clays
Authors: Sophie Herr, Antoine Leybros, Yves Barre, Sergey I. Nikitenko, Rachel Pflieger

Co-Adsorption of Pesticides on Surfactant-Modified Adsorbents
Authors: Magdalena Andrunik, Mateusz Skalny, Tomasz Bajda

Evaluation of the Selected Soil Enzymes Activity in Soils Contaminated with Risk Elements
Authors: Milan Novák, Veronika Zemanová, Daniela Pavlíková

Mobility of Lead in Soil after Application the Innovative Mineral-Organic Mixtures
Authors: Renata Jarosz, Justyna Szerement, Jakub Mokrzycki, Lidia Marcińska-Mazur, Magdalena Szara-Bąk, Monika Mierzwa-Hersztek

Effect of Mineral-Organic Mixtures on Ecotoxicity in Contaminated Soil
Authors: Monika Mierzwa-Hersztek, Agnieszka Klimkowicz-Pawlas, Renata Jarosz, Karolina Biel, Lidia Marcińska-Mazur, Aleksandra Paluszewska, Krzysztof Gondek, Magdalena Szara-Bąk

Tensile Performance of Slag-LCDGP Based Geopolymer Reinforced With PE Fiber
Authors: Seungkyun Lee, Booki Chun, Giwoong Kim, Seung Won Lee, Dooyeol Yoo

Effects of California’s Central Valley PM2.5 Pollution on Sequoia National Park
Authors: Joseph Rotondo, Roya Bahreini, Andreas Beyersdorf

Tio2 Photocatalytic Biocidal Activity on Escherichia Coli and On Aspergillus Niger under Different Methodological Conditions
Authors: Mohamad Al Hallak, Thomas Verdier, Alexandra Bertron, Christine Roques, Jean-Denis Bailly

Long-Term Associations between Greenness and Air Pollution With Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease: A Cohort Study
Authors: Kanawat Paoin, Chanathip Pharino, Prin Vathesatogkit, Arthit Phosri, Suhaimee Buya, Kayo Ueda, Xerxes Tesoro Seposo, Thammasin Ingviya, Krittika Saranburut, Nisakron Thongmung, Teerapat Yingchoncharoen, Piyamitr Sritara

Phytoextraction of Dieldrin from a Historically Contaminated: Focus On Accumulation and Distribution in Various Plant Species
Authors: Marie-Cécile Affholder, Gréory Cohen, Michel Mench

Soil Gas Fluxes to Atmosphere: Soil Diffusion Parameters and Rainfall Effect
Authors: Isabelle Delsarte, Grégory Cohen and Olivier Atteia