Proceedings of the 5th International Conference
on Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer (FFHMT'18)

June 7 - 9, 2018 | Niagara Falls, Canada

The following papers were presented at the 5th International Conference on Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer (FFHMT'18).

Using CFD in the Design Process of a Toilet Bowl
Authors: António Gameiro Lopes, Vítor Costa

Cooling Performance of Heat Sink under Partial Heating Condition
Authors: Youngchan Yoon, Kwan-Soo Lee

Thermal Performance of a Cylindrical Heatsink with a Chimney Installed Above Dropped Ceilings
Authors: Seounghwan Hyeon, Kwan-Soo Lee

Comparison between Dirichlet-Robin and Neumann-Robin Interface Conditions in CHT Problems
Authors: Rocco Moretti, Marc Errera

Conjugate Heat Transfer in a Turbine Vane and Thermal Barrier Coating
Authors: Rami Salem, Marc Errera, Julien Marty

Conduction-Convection-Radiation Heat Transfer in High Temperature Catalytic Reactors
Authors: Georg Liesche, Kai Sundmacher

The Formation of Pollutants CO/CO2 in a Steam-Injected Combustor
Authors: Masoud Darbandi, Majid Ghafourizadeh, Gerry E. Schneider

Numerical Investigation on the Effects of Operating Conditions on the Performance of a Steam Jet-Ejector
Authors: Seyedali Sabzpoushan, Masoud Darbandi, Gerry E. Schneider

Role of Curvature on Heat Flow Visualization and Irreversibilities during Natural Convection in Enclosures
Authors: Damodara Priyanka, Tanmay Basak

Numerical Simulations of Nematic Liquid Crystals Flows between Eccentric Cylinders
Authors: Arash Nikzad, Dana Grecov

Miscible Displacement in Porous Media in the Presence of Nanocatalytic Reaction
Authors: Nasser Sabet, Seyed Mostafa Jafari Raad, Hassan Hassanzadeh, Jalal Abedi

Computational Analysis of Magnetic Droplet Generation and Manipulation in Microfluidic Devices
Authors: Venoos Amiri Roodan, Jenifer Gómez-Pastora, Aditi Verma, Eugenio Bringas, Inmaculada Ortiz, Edward P. Furlani

Numerical Simulation on the Anti-fouling Property of Helical Blade Rotors in Circular Tube
Authors: Lichen He, Weimin Yang, Changfeng Guan, Hua Yan

Heat Transfer and Flow Characteristics in a Tube with Small Tube Inserts in a Pulsating Flow
Authors: Huan-ling Liu, Ping liu, David Nobes

A Computational Analysis of Gas Jet Flow Effects on Liquid Aspiration in the Collison Nebulizer
Authors: James Q. Feng

Experimental Investigation on the Role of Thermo-acoustics on Soot Formation
Authors: Rahul Ravi R., Sambit Supriya Dash, Vinayak Malhotra, Vikram Ramanan

Initial Conditions Effect on Thermosolutal Natural Convection in a Horizontal Annular Porous Cavity
Authors: Ahmed Ja, Abdelkhalek Cheddadi

Numerical Investigation Of Heat Transfer in a Multi-Layer Wall Used in Brazilian Buildings
Authors: Pedro Felipe Lavra Dias, Lourival Matos de Sousa Filho, William Denner Pires Fonseca

Numerical Analysis of the Combustion Characteristics for the Power Improvement and Additional SOFA System in a Pulverized-Coal Boiler
Authors: Yu Jiang, Seok-Gi Ahn, Dong-Hun Oh, Chung-Hwan Jeon

Inverse Method and Algorithm to Retrieve the Heat Diffusivity of Solid Samples in a Non-Destructive Way
Authors: Ziemowit Ostrowski, Arkadiusz Ryfa, Zbigniew Buliński, Wojciech P. Adamczyk

Unsteady Stagnation Point Flow of Nanofluid over a Stretching/Shrinking Sheet in a Porous Medium
Authors: Ali Shomali, Abbas Panahi, Mohammad Hossein Sabour, Meysam Mosania

CFD Modeling Of Turbulence in Channels of Plate Heat Exchangers
Author: Dragan Mandic

Numerical Analysis of Turbulent Natural Convection in LNG Storage Tank
Authors: Djeghdjegh Amel, Belmedani Mohamed, Salhi Yacine

Simulation of Conjugate Heat Transfer in Plate Heat Exchanger with Chevron Shape
Authors: Sangho Sohn, Jeong-Heon Shin, Jungchul Kim, Seok Ho Yoon, Kong Hoon Lee

Effect of Vibration on the Melting of Phase Change Material inside a Cylindrical Enclosure
Authors: Mohammadhossein Hajiyan, Manar Al-Jethelah, Yazeed Alomair, Muath Alomair, Syeda Tasnim, Shohel Mahmud

Multiphase Airlift Pumps for Water circulation in Fish Farms
Authors: Shaker Bukhari, Joshua Rosettani, Wael Ahmed

Two-phase Airlift Pumps in Biological Systems
Authors: Thariq Mohammed, Johnathan Szeliga, Wael H. Ahmed

Flow Boiling Characteristics of R245fa in a Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger
Authors: Kang Sub Song, Junyub Lim, Sungho Yun, Junho Kwon, Yongchan Kim

Oscillating Frequency Approach for Void Fraction Measurements in Two-Phase Flow
Authors: Ahmed Elsaftawy, John Potts, James Chapman-Brown, Wael Ahmed

Impact Dynamics of a Droplet on a Heated Surface
Authors: Prathamesh G. Bange, Nagesh D. Patil, Rajneesh Bhardwaj

Two-phase Flow Behaviour in Airlift Pumps
Authors: Rashal Abed, Eric Chadwick, Wael H. Ahmed

On the Performance Degradation of Centrifugal Pumps
Authors: A. Eaton, F. D’Alessandro, W. Ahmed, M. Hassan

Entropy Generation and Mathematical Inequalities
Authors: Xiaowei Tian, Liqiu Wang

Steady State Modelling, Experimental Validation and Performance Analysis of Thermo-Acoustic System
Authors: Salem Haggag, Ghaleb Ibrahim, Bader Al-Ajeel, Tasneem Suboh, Aly Tourk

A Three-Dimensional Thermal Shock Problem with Memory-Dependent Derivative and Fractional Order Strain
Authors: Zhang-Na Xue, Xiao-Geng Tian

Optimal Control of a Stirling
Authors: Karsten Schwalbe, Abdellah Khodja, Mathias Scheunert, Karl Heinz Hoffmann

Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer during the Electron Beam Cold Hearth Re-melting Process
Authors: Yaoping Xu, Houfa Shen

Validation of a Multi-branched Patient Specific Computational Model for Human Arterial Systems
Authors: Yashar Seyed Vahedein, Alexander S Liberson

Characterization of a 3D Printed Mold for a Cell Culturing Microfluidic Device
Authors: Vahid KaramZadeh, Shervin Foroughi, Ahmad Sohrabi Kashani, Muthukumaran Packirisamy

A CFD and Experimental Investigation of Slag Eye in Gas Stirred Ladle
Authors: Eshwar Kumar Ramasetti, Ville-Valtteri Visuri, Petri Sulasalmi, Timo Fabritius

Advanced Multiscale Approach (3D-1D) for Hemodynamic Simulation of Blood Flow Properties in Human Arterial Network
Authors: Yashar Seyed Vahedein, Yogesh Karnam, Alexander S Liberson

Optimized Control of a Hydraulic Recuperation System for Skip Trucks
Authors: Robin Masser, Karsten Schwalbe, Karl Heinz Hoffmann

Natural Convection and Entropy Generation in Partially Heated Porous Wavy Cavity Saturated by a Nanofluid
Authors: Ali J. Chamkha, Ammar I. Alsabery, Nader Nader, Ali Al-Mudhaf

Pomegranate Peels Powder for the Remediation of Oil Polluted Water from Waste Lubricating Oil
Authors: Isam Al Zubaidi, Mustafa Al Zubaidi, Mehr Tajik, Mohammed Al Zubaidi, Megren Al Mutairi, Mahfuza Sheikh, Ying Chen, Muntadher Al-Yasiri, Ahmed Alsudays

Magnetohydrodynamic Drop-on-Demand Liquid Metal Additive Manufacturing: System Overview and Modelling
Authors: V. Sukhotskiy, P. Vishnoi, I. H. Karampelas, S. Vader, Z. Vader, and E. P. Furlani

Numerical Analysis of Acoustic Propagation inside Multiple Liquids
Authors: Shervin Foroughi, Vahid Karamzadeh, Mohsen Habibi, Muthukumaran Packirisamy

Moisture Variability during Drying, Mixing, and Storage for a Feed Mill Wet Bin
Authors: Kelsey R. Lyda, Kyosung Choo

Solar Heat Pipe for Greenhouse Application in the Arctic Regions: A Case Study
Authors: Ryan Cain, Casey Hoflich, Joseph Ofeldt, Karlin Swearingen, Sunwoo Kim

Study of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Low Speed Regions in Saudi Arabia
Authors: N A Nader, A. Jendoubi