Proceedings of the 4th World Congress
on Mechanical, Chemical, and Material Engineering (MCM'18)

AUGUST 16 - 18, 2018 | MADRID, SPAIN

The following papers were presented at the 4th World Congress on Mechanical, Chemical, and Material Engineering (MCM'18).

Large Eddy Simulation of Drying of a Potato Slice in Turbulent Flow
Author: L.C. Lara-Guzmán, E. Martínez-Espinosa, M. Salinas-Vázquez, W. Vicente

A Numerical Study of Air Conditioning Cycle Using Alternative Refrigerants
Authors: ByeongSu Kim, Yongchan Kim

Numerically Thermo-Fluidic Analysis for Advanced Cooling Effects with Geometric Parameters in Electric Motors
Authors: Jonghyo Lee, Namkwon Lee, Sukkee Um

Efficient Synthesis of Polyacrylamide based Hydrogels using Serrated Open Blade Static Mixers
Authors: Chandra Mouli R. Madhuranthakam, Sudhanshu S. Soman

Modelling Local Nusselt Numbers for Channels with Flow in Transition
Authors: Ivan Cornejo, Petr Nikrityuk, Robert Hayes

Thermal Characterization of In-Situ Materials Using Modal Reduced Models
Authors: Ana Gabriela Chavez Castillo, Yassine Rouizi, Olivier Quemener, Laurent Marmoret, Yann Billaud

Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations of Heat Transfer of Identical Chimneys in a Building
Authors: Mohamad Mehyo, José J. Costa

Entropy Generation Analysis in a Bioinspired Microchannel
Authors: Prasenjit Dey, Sandip K. Saha

Thermally Uniform Powder Bed for Laser Sintering
Authors: Haifa El-Sadi, Mackenzie Davis, Christopher Barrett, Gerard Rentas, Jaquelyn Reis

Pool Boiling Enhancement with SLM Producing Grid Structures
Authors: Chi Zhang, Li Zhang, Hong Xu, Pei Li, Bo Qian

Conjugate Heat Transfer in a Solar-Driven Enhanced Thermal Energy Storage System Using PCM
Authors: J. P. Solano, F. Roig, F. Illán, R. Herrero-Martín, J. Pérez-García, A. García

Experimental Approach on a Swirl Flow and Heat Transfer Coefficient Using a 3-D Stereo-PIV and Liquid Crystals
Authors: Daisy Galeana, Asfaw Beyene

Investigation of Variable Cross-Sectional Flow Area for an Enhanced Thermo-Hydraulic Performance in Microchannels
Authors: Keng Yong Chua, Kai Xian Cheng, Kim Tiow Ooi

Droplet Breakup in an Asymmetric Bifurcation Consisted of Two Branches
Authors: Xiang Wang, Yan Pang, Zhaomiao Liu

Dispersion in a Pulsatile Electroosmotic Flow Affected by Wall Slippage
Authors: J. E. Muñoz, J. C. Arcos, O. E. Bautista, E. G. Bautista, F. Méndez

Experimental Investigation of Single-Phase Heat Transfer on Scalable Nanostructured Microchannels
Authors: D. Behera, D. Mohanty, D. P. Ghosh, S. K. Saha, R. Raj

Role of Dimensionless Parameters in Modelling MEMS Hot-arm Actuators
Authors: Thomas M. Adams, Jason T. Collins, Johann Fernando, Sarah M. Griffin, Robert L. Kreft, Helio Kuok, Alexander E. McFarland, Ethan J. Wasylewski

Micro-Droplet Generation and Flow in a Microchannel under the Wall Fluctuation
Authors: Yan Pang, Xiang Wang, Zhaomiao Liu

Theoretical Analysis of a Pulsatile Electroosmotic Flow in a Wavy Electrode
Authors: Carlos Vargas, Carlos Escobedo, Aristides Docoslis, Oscar Bautista

Scheduling Customized Orders by Considering the Ergonomic Constraints: A Case Study at YEMTAR Company
Authors: A. Deniz Karaoglan, M. A. Beyazit Ocaktan, Demet Gonen, Ali Oral, S. Selin Kundakci, Can Tuncer

Hybridizing Ant Colony Optimization by Beam Search for the Assembly Line Balancing Problem
Authors: Jiage Huo, Felix T.S. Chan, Carman K. M. Lee, Jan Ola Strandhagen, Ben Niu

A Study of the Effectiveness on the Regional Policy by the Corporate Performance Analysis in Busan
Authors: Jong-Rae Cho, So-Yeon Ock, Youg-Seok Ock

Theoretical Formulation and Demand Parameters Optimization for a Proposed Extra-Baggage Service
Authors: I. A. Shaban, F. T. S. Chan, S. H. Chung, T. Qu, B. Niu

Heuristic Approaches for Two-Dimensional Bin Packing Problems in Building Material Transportations
Authors: Pavee Siriruk

A Study on Motion Control of Multiple Floating Units
Authors: T. W. Kim, D. H. Lee, V. Trong, C. H. Son, J. I. Yoon, K. H. Choi, Y. B. Kim

The Effect of Rooftop Garden on Reducing the Internal Temperature of the Rooms in Buildings
Authors: Lamees Alhashimi, Lujain Aljawi, Raneem Gashgari, Abrar Alamoudi

Comparison between Growing Plants in Hydroponic System and Soil Based System
Authors: Raneem Gashgari, Khawlah Alharbi, Khadija Mughrbil, Ajwan Jan, Abeer Glolam

A Cost Comparison of the Synthetic and Shewhart X Charts
Authors: Wai Chung Yeong1, Sok Li Lim2, Zhi Lin Chong3, Peh Sang Ng3

A Comparison of the Variable Sampling Interval (VSI) and Variable Sample Size (VSS) Coefficient of Variation Charts
Authors: Sok Li Lim, Wai Chung Yeong, Michael Boon Chong Khoo, Xin Ying Chew

A New Fuzzy DEA/AHP Methodology for the Facility Layout Problem in a Fuzzy Environment
Authors: C.-K. Hu, F.-B. Liu, C.-F. Hu

Bio-Flotation of Egyptian Siliceous Phosphate Ore Using Bacillus Cereus
Authors: Samah S.Abdallah, E. H. El-shatoury, Nagui A. Abdel-khalek, Mohamed A. Youssef, Khaled A. Selim, M. K. Ibrahim, Samah M. Elsayed

Characterisation and Flotation of a Weathered Platinum Group Metal Ore
Authors: Mohale Letseli, Willie Nheta, Arno Steinmuller

Effect of CaO/MgO Ratio on the Product Quality during Tin Smelting
Authors: David Mutombo, Michel Kalenga, Willie Nheta

The Impact of Microwave Pre-Treatment on the Liberation of Nb/Ta Minerals from a Tin Oxide Ore
Authors: David Mutombo, Willie Nheta, Michel Kalenga

Seeing Environmental Issues as a Source of Rare Earths
Authors: Mateus L. B. Moraes, Ana Claudia Q. Ladeira, Elaine C. Felipe, Thales A. Carneiro, Augusto A. Camargos, Gabriel Silva, Bruna Vidigal, Kelvin A. Batista

Metallurgical Failure Investigation of Cracked Steam Reformer Tubes
Authors: Yousuf Al-Ghadeer, Ali Al-Shawaf, Abduljabbar Khan, Syed Jainulaudeen Nisthar

Investigation of the High Energy Single Pulses Affect on Micro Arc Oxidation Process on Aluminium
Authors: Mustafa Safa Yilmaz1*, Orhan Sahin2

Dissimilar Metal Joining of Aluminum and Copper Plates Using Magnetic Pulse Welding and Their Joint Strength
Authors: Mitsuhiro Watanabe, Shinji Kumai

An Introduction to Gas Geological Laws of Coal Mines in China
Authors: Jianliang Gao, Jiangwei Yan

Study on Calculation Method of Negative Pressure Loss Considering the Deformation of Drainage Borehole
Authors: Xue-Bo Zhang, Jian-liang Gao

Study on Chemical Plug Removal Technology for Acid In-situ Leaching Uranium
Authors: Li Po, Xu Ying, Liu Guo-Hong, Tan Ya-Hui, Cheng Wei, Hu Bo-Shi

Certifiable Risk Management & Business Continuity Approach in Mining Industry
Authors: Th. Vlachos

Neutralization Processing and Study of Dynamic of Acidic Tailings Used Heap Leaching
Authors: Meng Shu, Zhong Pingru, Wu Yongyong

GIS based Mine Spill Damage Assessment
Authors: Hyunbock Lee, Huiuk Yi, Youngwook Cheong

CFD Friction Factors Verification in an Underground Mine
Authors: Marc Bascompta, Jordi Vives, Lluís Sanmiquel, José Juan de Felipe

Management of Subsidence in a Potash Mining Area
Authors: Lluís Sanmiquel, Marc Bascompta, Jordi Vives, José Juan de Felipe

Computational Fluid Dynamics of Ethylene Dichloride Production by Oxychlorination Reaction in a Fluidized Bed
Authors: Thongchai Rohitatisha Srinophakun, and Anoma Kodchakong

Production of Thermally Stable Solids from CO2 Capture using Ammoniated Brine
Authors: Kandis Sudsakorn, Supaphorn Palitsakun

Optimization of Biodiesel Production from 60-90% Initial Free Fatty Acid Raw Materials
Authors: Penjit Srinophakun, Kultawat Tepjun, Anusith Thanapimmetha, Maythee Saisriyoot

Nanocomposites produced by SOL-GEL and Melt Mixing Methods
Authors: Hamed Ahari, Solmaz Barani, Saeed Bazgir

Synthesis of the Silver Nanoparticle by Chemical Reduction Method and Preparation of Nanocomposite based on AgNPS
Authors: Hamed Ahari1, Guity Karim, Amir Ali Anvar, Mobina Pooyamanesh, Alireza Sajadi, Atefeh Mostaghim, Sogand Heydari

Preparation of Multi-Wall Carbon Tubes-Nanogold Particles Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode and Its Electrocatalytic Oxidation toward Paracetamol
Authors: Qiaofang Shi, Ming Chen, Guowang Diao

Performance of Zn Electrode in Aqueous Electrolyte Containing Carboxylate
Authors: Jinqing Kan

Molecular Conformation of Crystalline and Amorphous Chloramphenicol
Authors: Emilio Meaurio, Eva Sanchez-Rexach, Jone Muñoz, Jose-Ramon Sarasua

Simulation Methodology Accounting for Process Induced Morphology in Short Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites
Authors: Manuel Laspalas, Migue-Ángel Jiménez-Caballero, José-Luis Pelegay, José-Luis Núñez, Ismael Viejo

Antifouling Poly(ε-Caprolactone) Surfaces For Medical Devices
Authors: Eva Sanchez-Rexach, Sivan Nir, Meital Reches, Jose-Ramon Sarasua

Performance of PEMFC with Platinum/Carbon Black Entrapped in a Chitosan Matrix
Authors: Nanthiya Hansupalak, Kittitat Sodapak, Sundara L. Ghatty, Bobba Rambabu

Tough Polylactide Blend System for Osteosynthesis Procedures
Authors: Jone Muñoz, Eider Aldalur, Eva Sanchez-Rexach, Iñigo Revilla, Aitor Larrañaga, Jose-Ramon Sarasua

Synthesis, Charecterization of a New 16 A, S, C-HBPAE-b-PCL Copolymers and the Mechanical Properties of the Copolymer-Cement Composites
Authors: S. Savaşkan Yılmaz, E. Tütüncü, Y. Mısırlıoglu, A. Küçük, H. Cuvalcı, M. Aslan

The Gamma Ray Attenuations Of Superabsorbent Copolymer Poly(AA-co-Kry22 DM) Sorbed Se And Pb Atoms
Authors: A. Hakan Yilmaz, T. Bayram, S. Savaşkan Yilmaz, Y. Misirlioğlu, A. Kucuk