Proceedings of the 6th World Congress
on Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems and Science (EECSS'20)

August 13 - 15, 2020 | Prague, Czech Republic
Virtual Conference

The following papers were presented at the 6th World Congress on Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems and Science (EECSS'20).

Using feature optimization and fuzzy logic to detect hypertensive heart diseases
Authors: Mohammad M R Khan Mamun, Ali Alouani

Moving horizon estimation for continuous glucose monitoring
Authors: Theresa Kruse, Knut Graichen

Biophysical Modelling of the Triadic Synapse in the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus
Authors: Laura Lazzari, Patrick T. McCarthy, Jonathan Martin, Simon R. Schultz

Feasibility of a User-Independent Systematic Method for Medical Image Quality Assessment
Authors: Fatima Eashour, Stephen Pistorius

Optimized 3D Segmentation Algorithm for Shelly Sand Images
Authors: Antonio Leonti, Joana Fonseca, Iren Valova, Ryan Beemer, Devin Cannistraro, Cynthia Pilskaln, Dylan DeFlorio, Grayson Kelly

Power-Gated Accelerator Platform for Dark Silicon
Authors: Yung-Cheng Ma

Analysis and Implementation of a Novel Ultra-High Step-Up
Authors: Sung-Pei Yang, Shin-Ju Chen, Chao-Ming Huang, Zin-You Lin

A Simple Lapicque Neuron Emulator
Authors: Fatih Tulumbaci, Mehmet Hamza Eryildiz, Resat Mutlu

Detecting Emotional Contagion in Collaborative Software Development
Authors: Luigi Benedicenti

Stored Energy and the Charging Energy Efficiency in a Memcapacitor Circuit
Authors: Fatih Tulumbaci, Suayb Cagri Yener, Resat Mutlu

Electric vehicle charging strategies including load demand response to address utility grid constraints: a real implementation
Authors: David Roszczypala, Christophe Batard, Frederic Poitiers, Nicolas Ginot

Reconfigurable Filter Design Using Novel Resonators
Authors: Ayse Nihan Basmaci, Ceyhun Karpuz, Fatih Tulumbaci

Thermoelectrically Coupled Nanoantennas for Solar Research
Authors: Gary H. Bernstein, David Burghoff, David G. Gonzalez, Edward C. Kinzel, Alexei O. Orlov, Wolfgang Porod, David Strobel, Gergo P. Szakmany, and Stephen M. White

Sensitivity Analysis of a Hemodynamic-based Model for Thrombus Formation and Growth
Authors: Gian Marco Melito, Alireza Jafarinia, Thomas Hochrainer, Katrin Ellermann

Development of a near-field sensor to study the effect of glucose concentration
Authors: Kseniya Zavyalova, Andrey Zapasnoy, Aleksandr Gorst, Aleksandr Mironchev, Andrey Klokov

A Study on Thrombus Formation in Case of Type B Aortic Dissection and Its Haematocrit Dependence
Authors: Alireza Jafarinia, Thomas Stephan Müller, Ursula Windberger, Günter Brenn, Thomas Hochrainer

Sensitivity Analysis of a Portable Microwave Breast Cancer Detection System
Authors: Muhammad Masud Rana, Debarati Nath, Stephen Pistorius