Proceedings of the 7th World Congress
on Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering (CSEE'22)

April 10 - 12, 2022 | Lisbon, Portugal
Virtual Conference

The following papers were presented at the 7th World Congress on Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering.

A Study on the Optimal Utilization Conditions by Verifying the Effectiveness of Fine Dust Reduction of TiO2
Authors: Ji-woo Lee, Do-hwan Kim, Young-sook Roh

Transport Properties of Pozzolanic Concrete Based on the South African Durability Indexes
Authors: Victor S. Gilayeneh, Sunday O. Nwaubani

Northern Kuwait Soil Evaluation in Producing Environmentally Friendly Blocks
Authors: Ahmad S. Saad, Taha A. Ahmed, Rana Ezzdine Lakys, Ali I. Radwan

Early-Age Properties of Slag-Fly Ash Blended Geopolymer Concrete Reinforced with Glass Fibers – A Preliminary Study
Authors: Mohammad Zuaiter, Hilal El-Hassan, Bilal El-Ariss, Tamer El-Maaddawy

Identification of Price Leading Indicators for Construction Resources
Authors: Ahmed Shiha, Elkhayam M. Dorra, Khaled Nassar

Effect of Basalt Fibers on Properties of Normal and High Strength Concrete Made with Dune Sand
Authors: Shahrukh Shoaib, Tamer El-Maaddawy, Hilal El-Hassan, Bilal El-Ariss, Marwa Alsalami

Self-Healing Concrete: A Bibliometric Analysis
Authors: Mohammed H. Alzard, Hilal El-Hassan, Tamer El-Maaddawy, Ashraf Aly Hassan, Marwa Alsalami, Fatma Abdulrahman

Experimental Study on the Effect of Elongation Degree on the Cracking of Highly-Reinforced R/C Members
Authors: Theodoros Chrysanidis, Nikolaos Alamanis, Grigorios Papageorgiou

Experimental Investigation on the Impact of Longitudinal Rebar Ratio on the Cracking Characteristics of R/C Components
Authors: Theodoros Chrysanidis

Developing Self-Compacting Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SCSFRC) Mixes Based On Target Plastic Viscosity and Compressive Strength
Authors: Abdulkarim Mimoun, Sivakumar Kulasegaram

Design of Alkali-Activated Ladle Slag Mortar Using Taguchi Method
Authors: Omar Najm, Hilal El-Hassan, Amr El-Dieb

Valorisation of Local Residues, By-Products and Wastes into Ceramic Materials for Civil Engineer Application
Authors: Jean-Régis Martinent, Yasmine Lalau, Guilhem Dejean, Doan Pham Minh

Manufacturing Ultra-High Performance Concrete UHPC with Conventional Production Processes
Authors: Juan Felipe Serna, Cristian Javier Caicedo, César Echavarría

Numerical Study of A Deep Cut Slope Stabilization in Residual Soil
Author: Xing-Cheng Lin

Instrumented Bidirectional Load Test to 157000kN for Deep Foundation Design
Author: Anil Cherian

Sludge as an Alternative to Cement for Canal Lining
Author: Nahla Hazem, Ibrahim F. Mohamed, Abdelrahman M. Megahed, Ahmed A. Gaafar, and Sherif S. AbdelSalam

Settlement Analysis of Field Monitoring Data at Kanchpur Bridge, Bangladesh
Author: Dr. Hossain Md. Shahin, Saima Sadia, Mayesha Farzana Islam, Rafia Nusrat Khan Broti, Md. Shamsul Islam

Comparison of Instrumented Pile Load Test Results with Finite Element Simulation
Author: G. H. I. Diyes, H.S. Thilakasiri, L.I.N.deSilva

Pullout Behaviour of Geogrid in Sand-Crumb Rubber Mixtures
Author: Tirtha Sathi Bandyopadhyay, Pradipta Chakrabortty, A. Hegde

Numerical Analysis of Unpaved Roads Subjected to Surface Maintenance
Author: Bárbara Gonçalves Mourão, Ennio Marques Palmeira, Juan Félix Rodriguez Rebolledo

Tailings Dams Numerical Models: A Review
Authors: Andrea Geppetti, Johann Facciorusso, Claudia Madiai

Monitoring Of Geotechnical Instabilities at Deep Underground Mines, Case of Draa Sfar Mine, Morocco
Authors: Kaoutar Clero, Said Ed-Diny, Tarik Soror, Said Rziki, Mohammed Achalhi, Sanaa El Fkihi, Andronic Boanarijesy

Stability Modelling of Clay and Silt Slopes to Evaluate the Feasibility of Rheometer Test Results
Authors: Gabriel Urquía, Juan Villacreses, Laura Ibagon, Fabricio Yepez

Critical Rainfall and Slope Hazards in Central Taiwan Mountain
Authors: Sung-Chi Hsu, Qi-Zhi Liao, Yi-Chun Yeh

Combination of UAV-borne LiDAR and UAV-borne photogrammetry to assess slope stability
Authors: Stella Coccia, Marwan Al Heib , Emmanuelle Klein

Adsorption of Remazol Brilliant Blue RR from Aqueous Solution with Calcined Ostrich Eggshells
Authors: Eszter Rápó, Szende Tonk

Eriochrome Black T Decolorization with Active Carbon and Hν/Tio2: Modeling and Process Optimization
Authors: Loredana Pintilie, Elena Niculina Drăgoi, Gabriel Dan Suditu, Mircea Teodor Nechita, Vlad Dafinescu

Role of Algae in Mitigating Impacts of Air, Soil and Wastewater Pollution
Authors: Simrat Kaur, Brad Reddersen

Optimization of DLLME Extraction Parameters for Pesticides Analysis by High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Authors: Ezgi Altiparmak, Emine Yilmaz, Filiz Dadaser-Celik, Nuray Ates

Eco-Friendly Strategies to Regenerate Cyclodextrin-Based Adsorbents
Authors: Paola Fini, Vito Rizzi, Jennifer Gubitosa, Pinalysa Cosma

Effect of Incorporating Shredded and Crumbed Rubber in Pavement-Grade Concrete on Elasticity and Toughness Moduli
Authors: Sayed Mohamad Soleimani, Naser Mohammad, Abdel Rahman Alaqqad, Adel Jumaah, Tahir Afrasiab

CEB as Potential Alternative Sustainable Material in Construction Industry: Survey on the Level of Acceptance in Kuwait
Authors: Rana Ezzdine Lakys, Ahmad Saad, Taha Ahmed

Demolition Waste as an Alternative Aggregate for Plaster Mortars
Authors: Hernan Dario Cañola, Karen Venegas, Gersson F. B. Sandoval, Álisson F. do Couto

A Review of Machine Learning Methods in Building Energy Performance Assessment
Authors: Handan Kunkcu, Kerim Koc, Asli Pelin Gurgun

Food Wastes As Adsorbent Materials for Water Decontamination: The Use of Kiwi Peels To Remove Emerging Pollutants and Textile Dyes
Authors: Vito Rizzi, Jennifer Gubitosa, Paola Fini, Angela Agostiano, Pinalysa Cosma

Trophic Transfer of Mercury in a Temperate Marine Food Web, Southern Baltic Sea
Authors: Agnieszka Jedruch

Spatial-seasonal Variation in Microplastic Distribution at the Han River Estuary to the Coastal Area of Incheon, Korea a
Authors: Seon Yeong Park, Chang Gyun Kim

Influence of Benzodiazepine Delorazepam on Xenopus laevis Embryogenesis
Authors: Chiara Fogliano, Bice Avallone, Chiara Maria Motta, Rosa Carotenuto

Preparation and Characterization of Sulfonic Acid Functionalized Activated Carbon for Applications in Water and Wastewater Treatment
Authors: Betul Aykut-Senel, S. Sule Kaplan-Bekaroglu, Nuray Ates

Coefficient of Variation of Drinking Water Networks in Residential Urban Complexes
Authors: Leonardo Pinela-Vargas, Natividad Garcia-Troncoso, Hilda Zambrano-Montalvan

Determination of Primary Surface Water Pollution Indicators by Multivariate Statistical Techniques in an Industrialized Basin.
Authors: Halil N. Oruc, Mehmet Salim Oncel, Guleda Onkal Engin, Fatih Gulgen, Mehmet Karpuzcu, Sinem Vural, Batuhan Kılıç, Meltem Çelen

A Vision-Based System for Structural Displacement Measurement
Authors: Felipe J. Perez, Omar E. Mora

Inverted T-Beams in Structures: A Review
Authors: Amina Yakout, Bilal El-Ariss, and Tamer El-Maaddawy

A Comparative Study between the Analytical and Experimental Deflection Response of Corroded Simply Supported Reinforced Concrete Beams
Authors: Amthal Hakim, Wael Slika, Adel El Kordi, Asaad Biqai

Evaluation of the Structural Reliability of a Fixed Offshore Structure over Time
Authors: Gerardo Varela, Dante Tolentino

Improving the Behavior of Steel Plate Shear Wall Using Double Infill Plates
Authors: Ahmad Jabbar Hussain Alshimmeri, Denise-Penelope N. Kontoni

Behavior of R.C. Lightweight Deep Beam
Authors: Alaa Morsy, Karim Helmi and Waleed Alsaadi

Review on Biogeotechnics for Soil Treatment
Authors: Sadak Shahid

Influence of Single-Dose Biocement Treatment on the Hydraulic Conductivity of the Riverbank Sand
Authors: Anant Aishwarya Dubey , Rituraj Devrani , K. Ravi, Navdeep K Dhami, Abhijit Mukherjee

Laboratory-Scale Production of ‘Sand-like’ Material from Excavated Soft Soil
Authors: Juan Wei Koh, Subramanian Sathyamoorthy, Soon Hoe Chew, Kai En Low, Kok Eng Chua, Yeow Chong Tan, Teo Cheng Soon, Ji Mei Jamie Lee, Meng Yang Charmaine Koh

Chemical-Physical Characterization of Stava Tailings Subjected to an Innovative Aging Technique
Authors: Gianluca Bella, Monica Barbero, Fernando Soares Lameiras, Terezinha Esposito, Fabrizio Barpi

Wooden Vernacular Architecture as a Sustainable Development and Security Mechanism. The case of the Palafitos of Chiloé, Chile.
Authors: Stefania Pareti, David Flores, Loreto Rudolph, Vicente Valdebenito

Evaluation of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve Prediction Models with Emphasis on Tropical Soils
Authors: Fernando Carolino da Silva, José Camapum de Carvalho, Gilson de F. N. Gitirana Jr., Roberto Dutra Alves, Jaqueline Costa de Souza, Renato Marques Cabral

The Application of Deep Mixing Method for a River Wall and Finite Element Simulation
Authors: Watthana Makararotrit, Sompote Youwai

How Could A Waste Become A Resource? The Case of Kiwi Peels’ Application for Synthesizing Nanomaterials
Authors: Jennifer Gubitosa, Vito Rizzi, Doriana Marino, Angela Agostiano, Paola Fini, Pinalysa Cosma

Assessing the Environmental Risk of Silver Nanoparticles in Aquatic Ecosystems
Authors: Rosember Ramírez, Vicenç Martí, R.M. Darbra

Forest Fire Detection and Prediction from image processing using RCNN
Authors: Abhay Chopde, Ansh Magon, Shreyas Bhatkar

Hazardous Chemicals Impacts Assessment for Risk Management and Reduction
Authors: Anahit Aleksandryan

Features of Engineering Geological Investigations in Regions Underlain by Deposits of Volcanic Origin
Authors: Rajeshwar Goodary, Viacheslav Iegupov, Yeshvin Goodary

Seismic Surface Waves Methods for High-Speed Rail Earthworks Compliance: A Review of Measurement Practice
Authors: Katerina Kyrkou, Matthew Frost, Paul Fleming, Nick Sartain, Sarah Trinder

CPT in Layered Soils and Correction of Thin-Layer Effect
Authors: Houman Soleimani Fard, Nicol Chang

Effect of Agricultural Supplies on the Physical Properties of Tropical Soils
Authors: Andrea Cardona Pérez, José Camapum de Carvalho, Renato Marques Cabral

Shear Strength of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Recycled Aggregates Concrete Deep Beams
Authors: Nancy Kachouh, Tamer El-Maaddawy, Hilal El-Hassan, Bilal El-Ariss

Structural Safety Evaluation of Polymeric Adhesive Systems for Concrete Bonding
Authors: Martin Brandtner-Hafner

A Comparative Analysis of Timber and Composite Sleepers
Authors: Hossein Askarinejad, Jiaya Zeng, Wahid Ferdous

Stabilised Base with Soil-Cement for Unpaved Roads “Ruta Del Cacao” (Guayas, Ecuador)
Authors: Daniel Bucheli-Pérez, Holger Sarmiento-Segovia, Natividad García-Troncoso, Jorge Flores-Rada

Evaluation a portable Air circulation system-ACS for increased IAQ
Authors: Bongkotmat Donsomphai, Wipada Ruanchatchawan, Jirod Chaisan

Using Composite Membrane Contactors with Polyamide Functional Layer for Co2 Separation
Authors: Mariia Pasichnyk, Petr Stanovsky, Pavel Izak, Michal Šyc

Insignificant Changes in Particulate Matter during the COVID-19 Lockdown: A Machine Learning Study in Zagreb, Croatia
Authors: Mario Lovrić, Mario Antunović, Iva Šunić, Matej Vuković, Simonas Kecorius, Mark Kröll, Ivan Bešlić, Iva Šimić, Gordana Pehnec

Traffic Related Air Pollution Severity Assessment in South-East London Schools
Authors: Ho Yin Wickson Cheung, Liora Malki-Epshtein

Fast Method to Design Air Filtration Solution at Low Energy Cost in Subterranean Train Stations
Authors: Pierre-Emmanuel PRETOT, Christoph SCHULZ, David CHALET, Jérôme MIGAUD, Mateusz BOGDAN

NO2 Concentration Modelling Using Meteorological and Traffic Features.
Authors: Tomasz Turek, Joanna A. Kamińska

The Impact of Climate Conditions and Traffic Emissions on the Pms Variations in Rhodes City during the Summer of 2021
Authors: Ioannis Logothetis, Christina Antonopoulou, Georgios Zisopoulos, Adamantios Mitsotakis, Panagiotis Grammeli

Exposure of Pedestrians and Cyclist to Air Pollution in the City.
Authors: Joanna Amelia Kaminska, Tomasz Turek, an Krzysztof Kazak

An Effect of Sodium Polyacrylate on Sandy Soil Parameters and Its Use in Soil Improvement
Authors: Nesil Özbakan, Burak Evirgen

Effect of Retarders and Dispersing Agents on the Performance of Cement-Bentonite Cut off Wall
Authors: Sathya Subramanian, Kai En Low, Soon Hoe Chew, Aw You Jin Eugene, Say Cheong Ng, Yeow Chong Tan, Pei Ling Goh, Theng Yi Tian Angelina, Zi Xiang Gng

Simple Regression Models to Estimate the Standard and Modified Proctor Characteristics of Specific Compacted Fine-Grained Soils
Authors: Zülal AKBAY ARAMA, Hazal Berrak GENÇDAL

Relationship between Enzyme Concentration and Carbonate Precipitation in a Sand Treated By Biocementation Using Enzyme
Authors: Román Fernández Rodríguez, Rafaela Cardoso

Waterflow Stochastic Analysis in Fractured Rock Mass
Authors: Pedro Baena de Mesquita, Leandro Lima Rasmussen

Sand-Biosolids Mixture Characterization and Potential
Authors: Ahmed M. M. Hasan, Ahmed M. Elwy, Begad A. Taha, Ahmed M. Mostafa, Sherif S. AbdelSalam

Estimation of Suction Profile and Vertical Deformation in the Indian Expansive Soil Using Thornthwaite Moisture Index
Authors: Ashwini Chavan, Sukhanand Bhosale

Differential Settlement and Dynamic Load Effects across Lime Treated Rail Transition Zones
Authors: Jake Davies, Paul Beetham, Koohyar Faizi

A Simulation of Embodied CO2 Emission of Ground Improvement Technique Using Life-Cycle Assessment in Runway Construction
Authors: Meilani Adriyati, Noriyuki Yasufuku, Ryohei Ishikura, Ahmad Rifa’i

Correlation between Shear Wave Velocity and Cone Penetration Test Data in Offshore Carbonate Soils
Authors: Muhammad Bilal Mumtaz, Dhirendra Kumar, Luke Martin, Yassine Benboudiaf

Optimization of Jacket Structure in Carbonate Soils
Authors: Nanda Kishore Yadla, Rama Mohan Gajulapalli, Kandasamy K K, Faris Kamal

A Displacement Based Design Approach For Seismic Assessment of Flat Slab Structure With Core Shear Wall
Authors: Khondaker Sakil Ahmed, Mohana Kawsher, Rezvi Ahmed3, Rishath Sabrin, Samia Zakir Sarothi, Afia Farzana

Influence of Nonlinearities on the Vertical Kinematic Interaction of Piles
Authors: Usama Zafar, Chandra S. Goit, Masato Saitoh

Multiplication Factors for Design of Open Ground Story RC Building – A Probabilistic Approach
Authors: D C Haran Pragalath, Saleema Panda and Mustafa Salsal